Our Story

Egypt Trippers is an Egyptian travel agency. We believe in breaking the norm. We believe that traveling is one of the best experiences that everyone should try. There is no better way to make your holiday memorable than traveling.  Our goal is to provide comfort and luxury at the best prices. You will get one of the best luxury Egypt tours. You can customize the tour that suits you and with the best prices. We see that as an opportunity We’re excited to simplify itineraries for everyone. Pack Your Bags and Get Ready for one of the best tours of your life.


How does it work?

  • You don’t want to deal with the hassle of finding the perfect tour? Would like a plan that matches your preferences? Well, you have come to the best website we’ll help you plan your perfect trip.
  • Egypt Trippers provided luxury Egypt tours. We know the best time to visit Egypt and the best places to visit in Egypt.



If you think that all that is unique to Egypt is that it is the cradle of the oldest civilization in history, you are certainly mistaken, do not let this belief owns you, do not miss many reasons to visit Egypt.


Tour Package

Egypt Trippers provide a detailed day-by-day plan of the attractions you will be visiting at the most important destinations on your luxury Egypt tour The program is customized with options you prefer.



Egypt Trippers choose your itinerary from hundreds of thousands of attractions in the most important destinations across EGYPT. It uses advanced technologies to sift through huge amounts of data to find the perfect match based on your preferences.


Nile Cruise

When you find yourself exhausted and feel the need to relax, you will find nothing better than a Nile cruise to the heart of history, where the pleasure of visiting ancient Egyptian monuments, the pleasure of relaxing in the embrace of charming nature and breathtaking views along the great Nile.