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4 Days Holiday Package To Cairo And Alexandria And Luxor



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luxor tours : This is a diverse journey that combines the history of the Pharaonic civilization and its attractions in Cairo, and Alexandria, the exceptional city in its young spirit, and the meekness of its atmosphere in summer and winter, and ending with a visit to the largest natural museum on earth, where the city of Luxor.

It is a city of magic, mystery, and marvelous monuments sprawling on both banks of the immortal Nile. You will have the opportunity to visit the most important archaeological sites in Luxor for a whole day, between the tombs of the West Bank and the giant statues of the East Bank.


  • 4 days Egypt Tour will take you to Cairo, where the old clashes with the new. You will see the city’s most essential gems, such as the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Cairo Museum. Enjoy the Egypt pyramids tour and continue to enjoy Cairo tours. You won’t miss Luxor and Aswan tour as you will see the Nile’s beauty with the impressive temples and monuments. A trip that you will never forget.
  • In Cairo tours, you will visit Egypt’s pride and joy, the Pyramids of Giza. With the Egypt pyramids tour, you will see one of the world’s seven wonders. You will visit the Egyptian Museum with all its rare artifacts and treasures. Our adventure is not over yet.
  • Then move to visit Alexandria, the pearl of the Mediterranean sea, to enter Alexandria,s library, “the biggest library in the world” with 8 million books. See the statue of Alexander the Great and the statue of Ptolemy the first, which was found underwater, the Roman Amphitheater of Alexandria, the church of St. Mark – the oldest church in Africa and walk inside the old city center and local markets.
  • We will fly to Luxor to see the land’s beauty and its glamorous culture. Luxor has the most significant monuments and a complete civilization, not just ruins and ruined buildings.
  • Pack your bags and join us in our adventure.


4 Days Holiday Package To Cairo And Alexandria And Luxor

Day 01: Arrival & Cairo Tour to Egyptian Museum & Giza Pyramids
Day 01: Arrival & Cairo Tour to Egyptian Museum & Giza Pyramids

It's going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We'll go to any lengths to show that we're the greatest in the business.
You will be greeted by a member of our staff when you arrive.
Our agent will meet and welcome you when you arrive in Egypt from your home country.
At the airport, he'd cheerfully serve you. He'd even transport your luggage straight to the hotel so you could go to the rooms as quickly as possible.
Set up a meeting time with an adviser who will go through the schedule with you.
Enjoy yourself to the fullest and seek out new experiences.
Prepare to see the wealth, but don't expect it to remain a mystery. The Precious Treasure of Tutankhamun, a young Egyptian pharaoh, is on exhibit at the Egyptian Museum. The museum's other treasures reflect the tale of ancient Egypt and its beliefs. There is no other structure in the world that can match the scale and magnificence of the pyramids and the Sphinx, which was entirely carved from a single block of stone, we will pay it a visit after we have visited the museum. After that, we'll explore Khan El Khalili's stores, antiques, and gift sections, where you may pick up gifts for loved ones back home.
Lunch will be served at one of the area's best restaurants, which are known for their delicious food.

Day 02: Day Tour to Alexandria from Cairo
Day 02: Day Tour to Alexandria from Cairo

After breakfast, let's go to Alexandria, Egypt's most beautiful coastal city.
We will head to the Roman Theatre to see one of the most beautiful Roman monuments. Kom El Shoqafa's three floors of tombs will also be visited. After that, our day journey will continue by visiting Elsawary, Montaza Garden, Citadel of Qaytbay, and Alexandria Library from outside.
Having lunch in front of the waves of the sea is a wonderful step to launch.
This afternoon, we'll have lunch on the beach before returning to Cairo.

Day 03: Over day to Luxor by flight
Day 03: Over day to Luxor by flight

Our day will begin with a hearty meal or possibly a breakfast box, depending on how soon we need to take a flight to Luxor.
Your guide and driver will transport you to the west bank of the Nile, where the ancient Egyptians buried their kings and queens, upon your arrival.

They saw the sun setting as a sign of impending death. As a result, they chose to locate all of their burial sites on the west bank of the Nile.
After the tombs, we'll go to the temple of Hatshepsut, the only woman to rule Egypt in ancient times.

We'll come across two massive Memnon sculptures as we drive back, and we'll stop to snap some unforgettable shots with the two enormouss.
Visit Luxor and Karnak, two of Egypt's most important temple complexes, together with the Avenue of Sphinx, a sacred path.

Temples dedicated to the sun god Amun make up the largest temple complex in the world.

The Great Temple consists of about ten huge structures.

After seeing the great temple, we will take a tour of the holy road, the route of the gods, which is the recently opened road, the Avenue of the Sphinx, as it connects the temples of Karnak and Luxor.

Luxor Temple is the smaller of the two temples, but it is much more magnificent. A mosque was built on top of it and a part of the temple was preserved inside it after it was completely buried in the sand.
We'll be back to Cairo today, but we won't forget your lunch, which will be a special barbecue meal during the visit.

Day 04: Transfer to Cairo airport for Final departure

Your time with us has come to an end, but don't worry, we'll be here for you if you need anything more.
By email,, or phone, or WhatsApp +201003648405, your representative will be able to place your needs.
We're certain that you'll enjoy your stay with us.
First and foremost, we want you to have a great time on your vacation and leave with a grin on your face.


  • 3 nights of bed and breakfast at a Cairo hotel.
  • The Great Pyramids, Sphinx, Egyptian Museum, and Khan Khalili Bazaar are all included in a single full-day tour of Cairo.
  • One full-day journey from Cairo to Alexandria.
  • Luxor is a one-day trip from Cairo.
  • All transfers for pickup and drop-off.
  • Everything you do is in a private air-conditioned vehicle.
  • This is a meet-and-greet service that will meet you wherever you go.
  • a knowledgeable Egyptologist guide.
  • Entrance costs are included on each of your outings.
  • All taxes and services are included in our rates.
  • On the first and second days, each participant receives a lunch meal and a bottle of mineral water.
  • Egypt, Vist stamp.
  • Personal stuff.
  • Any meals not listed in the programme.
  • Any optional tours not listed in the programme.
  • The tipping of the stuff.


4 Days 3 Nights


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