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6 Days to Most Egypt

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Luxor tours It is the comprehensive journey that will take you as close as possible to Egypt, to its culture, present, and past.

This trip allows you to tour all of the east and west of Egypt, visiting its most important cities and located in the best and most attractive tourist destinations.

This city represents the past and the present. Cairo’s thrill begins in stunning harmony when you pack your bags to Aswan, where the vast Karnak Temple and breathtaking landscapes, and when you land in Luxor, the land of history and civilization. It is a journey that you will never forget.

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  • Is it possible to see all of Egypt's major attractions in only six days?
  • Yes, with Egypttrippers, you can see all of Egypt's famous antiquities in only a few days.
  • At Giza, you'll see the great pyramids, and in Luxor, you'll see the royal temples and tombs.
  • We'll tour King Tutankhamun's tomb and Abu Simbel's magnificent temple.
  • It's going to be a fast-paced, organized vacation that you will never forget.
  • Pack your bags and get ready for an adventure.


6 Days to Most Egypt

Day 01Arrive in Egypt
Day 01Arrive in Egypt

Bring your baggage, purchase international tickets, and forget about it all because we will take care of everything from the minute you arrive until you return, making your vacation a wonderful journey filled with amazing sites that you have only seen on TV and will now see with your own eyes.

Day 02:Egypt Pyramids Tour
Day 02:Egypt Pyramids Tour

It's Grandeur's Day, and breakfast is on the menu. Before your trip starts, you'll be able to have a delicious breakfast at your hotel. To view the pyramids, the greatest archaeological structures in the world, is to witness their magnificence. We will view nine pyramids in the Giza region today, including the step pyramid, the pyramid of King Djoser, and the original shape of the pyramids created. Memphis, Egypt's ancient capital, will also be on our itinerary since it is the oldest city ever unearthed in the country. Lunch will be provided at one of the excellent restaurants that serve good meals to their customers.

Day 03Egyptian Museum - Citadel & Flight to Luxor
Day 03Egyptian Museum - Citadel & Flight to Luxor

Enjoy your hot breakfast at your hotel. Get ready to visit the treasure, but it's not hidden. It is displayed in the Egyptian Museum, which contains treasures that tell the story of the ancient Egyptians and their beliefs, and the treasure of the young king, Tutankhamun, that was fully discovered and is known as the Precious Treasure. The Citadel of Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi is one of the most significant and magnificent castles of the Middle Ages, serving as a fortress to safeguard Egypt throughout the ancient battles. This castle houses the magnificent Makhmad Ali Mosque as well as various well-known museums, including the Military Museum, which has many historic battle instruments as well as replicas of soldiers and antique vehicles. The view overlooking this castle, where you can see all of Cairo from the top of the castle in the courtyard of the Mosque of Muhammad Ali, is one of the most beautiful in the world. We won't be sleeping in Cairo today; instead, we'll be sleeping close to the kings. Luxor, the country of kings and queens, will be our destination. For generations, this was the country that dominated Egypt. We're leaving today to Luxor, where we'll stay in a 5-star hotel.t breathtaking views in the world.

Day 04Visit West & East Bank of Luxor
Day 04Visit West & East Bank of Luxor

Wake up and shine, we will see the kings today. Come on breakfast quickly. A private car and a guide are waiting for you today to take you to the West Bank. ًWe will begin our voyage into the land of the past, a journey through the tombs and temples of kings. A journey with your guide and private driver to the Nile's west bank, where the ancient Egyptians buried their kings and queens. They thought the setting of the sun was the meaning of death. That's why they erected all of their tombs on the Nile's west bank. Following the tombs, we will visit the temple of the most powerful lady in ancient Egypt, Queen Hatshepsut, Egypt's sole female ruler. On our way back, we'll pass by two massive Memnon monuments, where we'll stop to take photos of the two gigantics. We'll now return to the east bank, to the temple side. Luxor and Karnak temples are situated in the east, and the Avenue of the Sphinx is the sacred road that connects them. Karnak Temple is the world's largest temple complex, with four temples devoted to the sun god Amun. The Great Temple is comprised of around ten huge edifices. Following our visit to the great temple, we will take a tour of the sacred road, the way of the gods, which is the newly opened Avenue of the Sphinx, which links the temples of Karnak and Luxor. Luxor Temple is the smallest of the two temples, but it is much more impressive. It was completely buried in sand, and a mosque was built on top of it, which still remains today and contains a section of the temple. We never leave our guests hungry. So, throughout the excursion, we will make a stop at one of the restaurants for an interesting meal of BBQ.

Day 05Edfu - Kom Ombo - High Dam & Philae temple
Day 05Edfu - Kom Ombo - High Dam & Philae temple

We'll continue our journey to the south today, where we'll have a short breakfast before heading to Edfu Temple with your guide. We'll get out of the car to have a carriage ride just before arriving at the Edfu temple. The Temple of Edfu, commonly known as the Temple of Horus, is Egypt's second-largest temple after Karnak. We will ride in a carriage there. It is the most complete temple in Egypt, which was also built under the Roman Empire. At Edfu Temple, goodness prevails, which is a suitable testament to the temple's name. Horus, the son of Osiris, was given the winged sun symbol, which he utilized to destroy Set, the god of the underworld. This temple depicts and narrates the events of this story in great detail. After this fascinating stop, we'll continue our journey to the Temple of Kom Ombo, a Roman-era temple. He has his own area of a temple that has been partitioned into two sections. There's a section just for Horus, and another just for Sobek. We shall arrive in Aswan after this visit. It is possible to go to the hotel first to drop off your bags before continuing on with your day's activities. In addition, lunch will be included in the day's schedule so that you may finish the day full of energy and activity. Today's Aswan visits are a visit to the High Dam and Philae Temple. The High Dam was the most important building in Egypt in the twentieth century. As it was the main source of electricity generation in Egypt, it also preserved the wasted water of the Nile due to the floods and formed the largest artificial lake in the world, Lake Nasser. After that, we will all go together to the Philae temple, which is located in the middle of the water, so we will go there by motorboat to enjoy the Nile drifting to the Philae temple, which was saved from the flood before the construction of the High Dam. We're not going back to Luxor today since it's going to be a long day. We will stay in a comfortable hotel in Aswan, but you must go to bed early since we will see the magnificent temple early the next day. The temple which picture appears on the Egyptian pound. Temple of Abu Simbel.

Day 06 Abu Simbel

Rise and shine. Following breakfast, a private car will bring you to Abu Simbel, where you will be welcomed by a pleasant guide who will explain all there is to know about this magnificent monument, the Abu Simbel temple. The Abu Simbel Temple houses one of the Pharaohs' marvels. The temple was designed with the sun perpendicular to King Ramses II's face during the beginning of the planting season in October and the beginning of the harvest season in February. The miracle occurs twice a year, on the 22nd of October and the 22nd of February. Following the completion of the tour, we will return for a three-hour journey to Aswan. Our services end in Aswan, as we will book you a flight to Cairo, but we are prepared to carry out any request you may have, or if you want to travel somewhere else or extend the number of days you want, just notify our representative or contact us via email at [email protected] if you're interested. You may call or text us at +201003648405.


  • Two nights' accommodation in Cairo at a five-star hotel, including breakfast.
  • Two nights' accommodation in Luxor at a five-star hotel, including breakfast.
  • Accommodation at a five-star hotel in Aswan for one night, including breakfast.
  • Our airport representatives provide meet and greet services.
  • Private, air-conditioned cars are used for all transport.
  • Private English-speaking guides are included.
  • All tours on the itinerary.
  • All of the locations on the schedule entrance fees.
  • Domestic flights (Cairo/Luxor) and (Aswan/Cairo) are included.
  • All service fees and taxes are included.
  • Egypt, Vist stamp.
  • Personal stuff.
  • Any meals not listed in the programme.
  • Any optional tours not listed in the programme.
  • The tipping of the stuff.


6 Days 5 Nights


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We have contact and availability in all hotels stars.

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No cancelation policy will occur if you cancel 2 days before your booking. If you cancel 2 days before your booking, we will deduct 25 % of your booking price. If you cancel 1 day before your booking date, we will deduct 50 % of your package price.

Can you send us the final itinerary before we book the tour?

Of course, we can send you the final itinerary or amend your itinerary as you wish

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• One month – 5 years 11 months: Free of Charge • Six years – 11 years 11 months: 50% of the tour price • 12+ years: Total tour price as per adult person • This Tour is Kid-friendly

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