You will enjoy an unforgettable experience in the Aswan Felucca Tours. Taking a fun cruise across the longest river in the entire globe is not only wild fun but also something you can never forget in a while. You can cross the Aswan Nile by sailing on a felucca.

A felucca is an Egyptian tradition that has been around for decades. The wooden made boat will take you sailing on the Aswan Nile where you can enjoy the beautiful Aswan view with fascinating historic sites and scenic shoreside.

About Aswan Felucca Tours:

Aswan Felucca Tours

Aswan tour by felucca ride is a fun trip that tourists get to enjoy when they visit Egypt. The boat is wooden and beautifully decorated such that a tourist will find it enticing to take a cruise. The essence of cruising the felucca is to set sail across the Nile of Aswan and view its pleasing shores.

You can think about touring Aswan Felucca as taking a sunset sail around the island. The Aswan felucca tour is a private trip, and it is mostly enjoyed by the visitors where their tour guide shows them around the beautiful environs of Aswan, even though locals who wish to have fun once in a while can still enjoy a cruise.

Why You Should Visit Aswan and Take a Tour in the Felucca?

You should visit Aswan for a felucca tour because it is an exciting experience. Some well-informed people will help you during the cruise, and you can have delicious hibiscus tea and make several stops to see some ancient places in Aswan.

The tour can continue as long as you will be having your holidays in Aswan. You can cruise for two to three days on the beautiful felucca. You can sail to many islands and eat delicious meals provided onboard. The Felucca captains are often nice and very skillful when sailing.

An Aswan felucca tour across the Nile will be your favorite tour experience even though you have tried other fun things while in Egypt. You will love to see the daily lives of Aswan farmers and fishermen while you sail past different places.

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What to Expect?

If you are taking a day’s cruise from Aswan on the felucca, you should expect to sail across riverside settlements and palm-topped islands. If your cruise is not going to take a full day, the captain will stop sailing at Elephantine Island.

The island is a less populated area that feels like home to the old ruins of Abu. Some other places where the half-day cruise can stop include Soheil island, Aswan Botanical Garden Sites, and Kitchener’s island.

These are all areas where you can mingle with the locals and learn so many things about the Nubian lifestyle. If you are looking forward to seeing the river more spectacularly, then you should be expecting to see magnificent things when you cruise at sunset.

If you set to sail on the felucca for a whole day, you will enjoy it better since you can relax while cruising down the Nile with no much expectations of stopping the cruise. You will sail past many river cataracts, which are large waterfalls with a steep rapid downpour in a river.

The trip for a full day on a felucca normally stops at an island on the Nile River. The guest on the cruise can alight the felucca at this point and enjoy the remaining part of their day exploring the Nubian on their own or continue with a guided tour around the locality.

Full-day trips include a lot more packages including mealtime while sailing, and also, since it will be a whole day’s trip, you can converse with the tour guide, asking questions about Aswan and its environs as well as the culture and history of all the ancient areas.

What to Do in The Aswan Felucca Tours?

about Aswan Felucca Tours

Wait patiently for a guide to pick you up from your hotel in Aswan and be expectant that you will not only enjoy a day’s trip on a felucca but you will also be learning a few things about the Nubians.

There are beautiful places you may stop to see and you can take photos as much as you want. On getting to the rural islands, you can mingle with the locals and ask questions. You should be comfortable around the Nubians because the island is the home they have come to know.

If you are very adventurous, you can walk up to a Nubian house and learn about their lifestyle, culture, and history. After enjoying your day to the fullest, you can take a trip back to your hotel in Aswan.

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