Honeymoon in Egypt is one of the most popular destinations in the world. And for good reason!

With its breathtaking temples, bright blue seas, and unique food culture, Egypt has something to offer every couple.

Egypt is a truly unique destination with so much to offer. Whether you’re looking for the ancient past or something more modern, this country has it all!

And don’t forget about its incredible food (Egyptian cuisine isn’t just good -it’s THE BEST).

Whether you are looking for a cultural experience or just want to relax on the beach with your new spouse, this article will help you plan your perfect trip!

Why not take your new wife on vacation here?

Our insider tips will also provide some great ideas on activities that are sure to make your honeymoon unforgettable. So what are you waiting for? Hop on that plane and book it today! You won’t regret it!

Why Honeymoon in Egypt is the perfect destination?

Honeymoon in Egypt is the perfect destination

Egypt is a country that requires more planning and can be done independently or through a mix of both. Not only does it have amazing attractions, but you’ll find yourself in some truly breathtaking places while on your honeymoon there!

And don’t forget about all those temples–they’re perfect for taking pictures against their ancient walls.

From the mind-blowing ruins of Giza to ancient Minya, to the largest freshwater lake in the world, to the awe-inspiring country of The Sinai Desert, Egypt offers tourists and couples a wide variety of interesting and exciting places to visit.

From its high-culture ancient sites to its low-culture Nile cruise, to its luxurious luxury hotels, there is something to satisfy every couple and every style of honeymoon.

From the colorful Minya to the vibrant city of Luxor, from the beach resorts of Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh to the historical city of Alexandria and the ancient wonders of the Sphinx and the Egyptian pyramids, Egypt is one of the world’s most diverse and stunning countries.

The best honeymoon resorts in Egypt

There are a variety of honeymoon destination options in Egypt, but ultimately it comes down to what you’re looking for.

If your priority is relaxation and beauty then Sahl Hasheesh or The New Resort Town near Hurghada might be perfect destinations for you! Exciting entertainment possibilities with diversified hobbies make this an ideal location whether on land or at sea as well–especially active wellness seekers can get their money’s worth here too.

You will find plenty that appeals with its shallow sandy beaches crystal clear turquoise waters and luxurious accommodations offered only 25 miles south of Cairo on route 501 towards Hurghada.

Best Time to Honeymoon in Egypt

There are many reasons to travel abroad for your honeymoon, and Egypt is a great option. The best times of year in this exotic destination will have you feeling like royalty as it has pleasant weather throughout most parts with occasional rain during Spring or Autumn months (depending).

If taking off soon? March through May could be perfect!

Avoid summer if possible – temperatures can reach upwards over 104 degrees Fahrenheit at some points which might make sightseeing difficult.

What to do on your Honeymoon in Egypt

If you and your partner want to get a taste of Egypt, book an Egypt trip. This way you can experience the unique culture as well as the bustling, buzzing, and historical experience that the country has to offer.

For example, you could spend a day in Alexandria with a nice walk along the banks of the Nile, spend an afternoon enjoying the spice markets in Cairo, or even embark on a tour of the Pyramids!

Or you could join a local tour group that focuses on the more popular ancient sites like Luxor, Karnak, or Abu Simbel. And who knows? Maybe you’ll spot Cleopatra on your tour!

You can also take in a show in one of the largest theatres in the Middle East, or maybe spend some time swimming in the sea with some really friendly swimmers. There’s really something for everyone on your honeymoon in Egypt.

Where to drink and eat

For a taste of Egypt, head to Le Pacha 1901. The floating palace offers nine restaurants ranging from Italian and Asian cuisine as well an exotic Egyptian menu that has been enjoyed by many travelers around the world!

You can stick around for live music or get your own duet ready with karaoke later on in this beautiful space-themed venue located offshore Cairo’s affluent Zamalek district.

It’s time to hit the road with Sofra, an Egyptian restaurant that is well worth seeking out.

Whether you are looking for lunch or dinner options in Luxor and Alexandria there will be something on their menu for everyone!

You can’t go wrong when it comes down to hearty portions at reasonable prices throughout all three uniquely decorated dining rooms plus they have great vegetarian selections as well.

For those hot afternoons trying hard just get through them alive head over towards Byblos because these Syrians know how to eat.

Suggested honeymoon itinerary

honeymoon itinerary

Here are some ideas for an itinerary if you want to spend two weeks in Egypt.

The first day would be dedicated to just getting started with a focus on seeing key sites and doing as much sightseeing early, while also giving yourself enough time off during the later days of your trip so that when it comes time for romance or relaxation there’s no rushing around looking at monuments!

Days 1-3

Spend 3 Days In Cairo: Pyramids/Sphinx; Egyptian Museum (including Tutankhamun exhibit); Khan el Khalili Market ( oriental market located near Mosque). One Day Upping into Upper Egyptians via donkey ride through Siwa Oasis – beautiful area famous mostly because Mohammad Ali Pasha used to live here.

Days 4-8

The perfect way to explore ancient Egyptian history and culture is with a Nile cruise and it is a safe yet adventurous experience. You can choose which port will begin your adventure – Luxor or Aswan if you’re interested in an extra night thereafter!

There’s plenty of time for sightseeing on this small boat so be sure not to miss out when it comes up during planning discussions with friends/family members choosing their own itinerary before departure day arrives.

The best part about going aboard one of these expeditions? They provide all food (even vegetarian dishes!), drinks including alcohol as well coffee throughout each voyage; however, guests must bring everything else they need: sunblock medication such towels sandals, etc.

Days 9-14

Remember the beach, it’s your final destination! Picking a resort is more difficult than deciding where to stay because each one has its own unique features.

The Red Sea would be perfect if you’re looking for warmer weather and plenty of water activities while Mediterranean destinations have clear beaches with beautiful scenery that make them worth consideration as well.

Consider these factors along with others such as seafood availability when choosing which destination suits best into what kind of travel style – but don’t forget about luxury either.

How to stay safe during your honeymoon

stay safe during your honeymoon

What are some safety tips to take with you while on your honeymoon? For starters, always take the proper precautions before traveling. Most importantly, stay with your spouse! If you choose to go for a romantic beach getaway with your partner, you could get mugged in the middle of the night.

Or, if you decide to go on a hiking trip to a dangerous desert, you could easily meet with a land mine. If you’re smart, you’ll keep away from both those areas.

What to pack for your honeymoon

  1. First, you should pack light. You can’t take too many clothes, as you’ll have to pack your luggage.
  2. You don’t need a ton of things to bring on your honeymoon. Just one thing to wear each day!
  3. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of what you need, along with tips on where to get it.
  4. You know it’s going to be a hot one when you pack your light jacket and some loose-fitting tops.
  5. You’ll also want hiking shoes for those long walks on the sand along with sunglasses, sunscreen (in case of any surprise visitors), ankle-length pants, or a skirt so that the sun doesn’t burn through what little fabric there is!
  6. Don’t forget about dresses – they are perfect in between setups because they don’t get too dirty but still allow enough airflow during these sticky times.
  7. There should always be at least two outfits planned just in case anything happens: A casual outfit meant only if we happen upon an interesting site before getting back into camp.
  8. And another more formal option that would serve well as leave taking attire after our visit ends.

All you need for a perfect honeymoon is a little creativity!

Egypt is home to some of the best beaches in the world. Take advantage of the warm Mediterranean water and stunning landscape of these beaches to make this your perfect destination.

When packing for a honeymoon in Egypt, keep in mind that most of the time you will be spending outdoors. Dress accordingly!

Questions and Answers about honeymoon trip to Egypt

Here is the answer to your question on Honeymoon in Egypt. I am pretty sure this will help with anything else you need:

How large is Egypt? The country occupies 1,001,450 square kilometers or twice as much space as France!

What did we do for shopping in Cairo? Visited Khan El-Khalili Bazaar where there were stalls selling all manner of things such as woodwork glassware leather goods perfumes fabrics and Pharaonic curiosities.

Is it safe for tourists visiting these ancient sites? Yes indeed – Egyptians are warm and friendly toward visitors. They’ll be glad if travelers take some time out from their travels to visit them too.

What is the most common food in Egypt? The most common food in Egypt is Italian and European influenced, with dishes like pasta or rice and bread.

What’s one thing all Egyptians seem to have? Their stomachs for sustenance–the cuisine includes everything from meatballs (kefta) at upscale restaurants as well eggs fried into fluffy bakes on weekends; falafel which are deep-fried balls made out pulses mixed together then spiced up nicely—they’re pretty tasty but also inexpensive ($1 USD per serve).

What to do and not to do

honeymoon trip to egypt

So you’re going to Egypt for your honeymoon? Here are some dos and don’ts for your trip. Follow these guidelines so that everything goes smoothly!

Dos: Take a camel ride through the desert, it’s worth seeing behind Pyramid sites in Giza city center- get there early if possible because they only allow one person per animal but be careful not too hot during midday hours or after 4 pm when temperatures can rise above 120 Fahrenheit.

Visit local markets while exploring Cairo; their wares will make any souvenir hunter happy as well 🙂 .

You could also visit tourist spots earlier than expected since sunset usually begins around 3 pm meaning more photo opportunities before heading back home safely at night time.

Don’t climb Mount Sinai for the sunrise and don’t wear clothes that show too much skin. It’s better to dress down just enough so it shows your figure, but not provocatively.


Conclusion paragraph: We hope you’ve found this guide to be helpful and it has answered any questions you may have had. If not, please don’t hesitate to contact us or comment below with your thoughts!

Continuing on from our honeymoon in Egypt, we wanted to share some of the most amazing experiences that we encountered during our trip.

From exploring pyramids and temples as well as taking a camel ride through the desert, there was never a dull moment while we were away—in fact, I think one of my favorite parts about visiting is how peaceful everything feels when surrounded by such grandeur.

It felt like all stress melted away for those few days which made them perfect for relaxing and enjoying time together as newlyweds.