They say that “Dahab Dahab has gone to mind” thanks to its wonderful natural scenery and magnificent views, it is not only a beautiful tourist area, it is also one of the best places to visit in the world. The sea, the mountains and the sky, as well as the splendor of the vibrant life, which gives you the opportunity to spend a special holiday in the heart of the pristine nature, this is the opinion of Nefertari Jamal 29 years, which will show you, dear visitor, what you can best enjoy in Dahab,

My trip to Dahab and the most beautiful tourist activities

Diving in the Blue Hole

Diving in the Blue Hole

Dahab is one of the most beautiful places to enjoy diving in the world, not only thanks to the beauty of coral reefs and crystal water, but because Dahab is home to the Blue Hole area, which has few of them around the world, which tourists from all over the world to enjoy the beauty of water and beautiful scenery, not to mention Also about “deep” diving competitions taking place there.



They say that the mountains in the Sinai are a never-ending love story, because the region, especially Dahab, has many beautiful mountains that you can reach on foot or with specialized climbing tools. If you are not familiar enough, it is best to hire a specialist.



Snorkeling is different from diving because in the first case you do not go down to great depths under the water, you will not need diving tools or be a professional trainer, just a freshness of the tube open enough to enjoy the natural scenery and marine life of interest.

See the sunrise or sunset of the mountain

sunrise or sunset of the mountain

One of the most beautiful experiences you can do in your life is to enjoy sunrise or sunset on a mountain peak, preferably not to miss those amazing moments that your memory will not forget in this wonderful region, which has a lot of natural beauty that is incomparable.

Bedouin night

Bedouin night

You will be able to agree with the owners of the camp where you live, to spend a Bedouin night in the desert, a wonderful opportunity to eat traditional Bedouin food, with beautiful music and songs, feel the wonderful place and atmosphere.

Bachi Baji .. My trip to Dahab

Bachi Baji

Having a desert is very tempting for all Dahab visitors to ride the Baji Beach fully equipped with the conditions of the area, just do not miss the use of sand away from your face, including freshness due to the dust caused by speed.

Shopping .. My trip to Dahab


Dahab has a lot of beautiful bazaars that will tempt you to buy, especially as there are bazaars offering an incomparable collection of local products and distinctive handicrafts that you can enjoy, which will remind you of Moez Ladin Allah Street in Cairo.

Meditation with yoga .. My trip to Dahab

Meditation with yoga

Wake up early in the winter or at sunset in the summer, and look at the sea and mountains. If you are a lover of yoga, of course, you will leave this with a lot of impressions and beautiful memories, so do not miss it.

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