I’m pretty sure you would probably have heard about this great Egyptian temple called the Temple of Khonsu.

The temple of Khonsu is one of the most tourist attractive centers that are located in Luxor, Egypt. The temple of Khonsu is a recommended place you can actually explore with your entire family.

The Temple of Khonsu, with its beautiful and mind-blowing artwork, is one of the best surviving and practically intact New Kingdom temples, as a result of this, visiting this temple worth more than anything.

However, due to the fact that it is located in Amun-Ra Precinct, it is frequently missed, especially by tourists with restricted time at Karnak.

The Research Center of American in Egypt has been making proper preparations in the temple for tourists for years in partnership with the Center Franco-Egyptian for the study of the Karnak Temples.

About The temple of Khonsu

There are a lot of artistic structures that you can explore when you visit the temple of Khonsu. There is Short Avenue of sphinxes that leads to the temple of Khonsu, which you can also check out during your visitation. This is dedicated to the god of Theban. This moon god is a typical example of the New Kingdom architecture.

The temple of Khonsu has a large Pylon that has a length of 32m, depth of 10m, and height of 18m. It also has four vertical grooves, which are similar to the other temple facades, with related apertures used for fixing flagstaffs.

There are dark chambers that are made up of the reliefs of Ramses IV on each side of the temple. An entrance constructed by a Plotemy gives access to a mini chamber that has four different 16-sided columns.

The Temple of Khonsu

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Contents of Temple of Khonsu

There are also some beautiful artistic drawings made on the wall of the temple, and I’m sure you and your family would love to check them out.

A drawing of Pharaoh offering flowers to the goddess and also to the Thebes Falcon-headed Month on the long north wall of the Chapel.

There is also a diagram of Pharaoh offering water and incense to a lion-headed god.

Ramesses III erected the sanctuary of Khonsu within the Karnak enclosures, and it comprises an attractive and powerful court flanked by a portico of twenty-eight pillars. This temple also has a hypostyle chamber attached to the barque’s sanctuary. The chapels are located on the left and right sides of the chamber, as well as a staircase on top.

These are a few of the mind-blowing things you will see when you go along with your family on a tour to the temple of Khonsu.

Going on a tour with your family is one of the best experiences you can give yourself and your family.

As earlier mention, the Temple of Khonsu has a lot of fascinating things ranging from sculpture, artistic skills, historical walls and drawing, and a lot of other things you won’t want to miss out on.

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