The tomb of Inherkhau is a one-of-a-kind tomb with a considerable historic value that attracts visitors. This is one of the special toms you have to visit during your tour in Luxor with your family, on holiday or otherwise.

The tomb of Inherkhau is one of Luxor’s most popular tourist sites due to its fascinating artistic works.

Everyone in your family should pay a visit to the tomb of Inherkhau. The tomb of Inherkhau can be found in Luxor, Egypt. You will also be able to see numerous historical structures throughout your trip to Egypt.

Facts About The Tomb

The tomb of Inherkhau is built in the Deir-el-Medina at Luxor, Egypt. This tomb is made up of high-quality and rich artwork and designs. It has some of the top-notch artistic works of the 20th-century Dynasty, and this is only the tomb that has a dynasty dated to that era.

The burial chamber and the upper are both painted on a background with yellow color. There are several chambers and patterns in this tomb. This tomb is truly a mind blowing building you should forward to explore.

The upper chamber features some scenes from the book of the Dead, the book of Gates, and also the image of the kings and queens facing both Inherkhau and his wife. There is also an artistic drawing of both Inherkhau and his wife offering incense to the king and the queen.

On the ceiling of this wonderful tomb, there are some irregular spirals coupled with Inherkhau and his wife’s names. There are also other spirals, which are also separated by lines.

There is another pattern in this chamber that shows cattle’s heads with sun dirt placed between yellow rosettes.

The deep burial chamber houses most of the beautiful drawings, including up to fifteen scenes.

The Tomb of Inherkhau

The Tomb of Inherkhau

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When you enter the burial chamber, you will see a scene of the households of Inherkhau offering liberations on the left side of the wall. There is another artistic drawing that shows Inherkhau dressed like a Priest. He had the hair on his head shaved and was also wearing a leopard skin cloth.

In the next scene, there is a beautiful artwork that depicts a blind man playing the harp in front of Inherkhau and his wife. There are tools that were used during the funeral in the tomb of Inherkhau, and most people made an assumption that it might have been stolen during antiquity.

Can you see that there are more than enough things to explore in this unique tomb of Inherkhau? More hidden facts are still to be revealed during your visit to this tomb. You can simply carry out this adventure with your family.

All you need for this tour is your visa, hotel reservation, clothes, and some other personal things. Going on a trip to this wonderful tomb in Egypt will likewise give you the privilege to explore other things on your way. Get your things ready for this adventurous exploration!