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You are on a date with pleasure and excitement on a journey for 5 Days Nile river cruise to history, a few days you will spend in the arms of the ancient civilization of ancient Egypt in both Luxor and Aswan, enjoying the unprecedented monuments you see, a civilization that ruled the world, and still today fascinates the world with its marvels and myths.

As the ancient pharaohs believed that the Nile was the lifeblood, you would also sail across the mighty, Luxury Nile river cruise to fantasy and magic, moving from city to city, story to story, and from one legend to another.


  • With a magnificent tour of the Nile Cruise, you will visit the ancient temples and monuments that have had a stand for thousands of years. See Thebes in the Old Egyptian Kingdom and see the extraordinary temples that they have built.



Day 01:Arrival at Luxor
Day 01:Arrival at Luxor

It's going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We'll go to any lengths to show that we're the greatest in the business.
You will be greeted by a member of our staff when you arrive.
Our agent will meet and welcome you when you arrive in Egypt from your home country.
Aside from bringing your luggage straight to your cabin on the Nile cruise, he would be more than happy to assist you at the airport.
After going through the itinerary with you, our adviser will arrange your next appointment.
The temples we spotted on our drive to the hotel will be our first stop, so you may relax for a while.
We'll visit Luxor and Karnak temples today.
Luxor and Karnak, two ancient Egyptian temples located east of the Nile, are linked by the Avenue of Sphinx.
The Avenue of Sphinx connects Luxor and Karnak, two ancient Egyptian temples situated east of the Nile. Karnak is the world's most extensive temple complex, with roughly four temples devoted to the sun god Amun occupying most of its space.
The Great Temple is made up of 10 massive temples.
The Avenue of the Sphinx, a freshly built route connecting the temples of Karnak and Luxor, will be our next destination, where we will tour the massive temple before returning to our accommodation.
The Luxor Temple, on the other hand, is the most spectacular of the two temples. After it was totally buried in the sand, a mosque was erected on top of it, and a part of the temple was retained inside the mosque.

Day 02:Discover Luxor and cruise to Edfu

After a delicious breakfast, take an early morning ride with your guide and private driver to the west bank of the Nile, the place where the ancient Egyptians buried their kings and queens.
They thought the sun's setting was the meaning of death. That's the reason they built all their tombs on the west side of the Nile.
After the tombs, we will visit the temple of the most powerful woman in ancient Egypt, the queen Hatshepsut, the only woman who ruled Egypt.
While we are driving back, we will find two huge statues of Memnon, where we will stop to take memorable photos with the two gigantic.
We will return to the Nile Cruise at exactly noon to eat your lunch before the Nile Cruise departs to Esna.
Before visiting the tombs, you may experience an incredible balloon ride in the early morning, where you can enjoy a safe and quiet flight to view the dawn from above.
Inquire with your rep or the guide who is accompanying you about this excursion, which is not included in the schedule but may be arranged for you.

Day 03-Sail from Edfu to Kom Ombo
Day 03-Sail from Edfu to Kom Ombo

Breakfast on the Nile cruise has a distinct flavour since it is mixed with the aromas of the Nile and the temples, so savour it. We'll take a carriage to the Temple of Edfu, also known as the Temple of Horus, Egypt's second-largest temple after Karnak. This temple, which was also built under the Roman Empire, is Egypt's most complete temple. Goodness reigns supreme in Edfu Temple, a perfect reflection of the temple's name. Horus, Osiris' son, received the winged sun symbol and used it to overcome Set, the god of evil. This temple depicts and narrates the events of this tale in incredible detail.
The boat will land adjacent to the Kom Ombo temple for a stunning tour to the temple, which was built during the Roman Empire.

Day 04 Touring Aswan
Day 04 Touring Aswan

Today is Aswan Day, and Aswan is the land of gold. It is a city known for its people's friendliness and the beauty of its surroundings. Today we'll see the most magnificent sights in Aswan. The High Dam was Egypt's most significant structure in the twentieth century.
Because it was Egypt's primary source of energy production, it also conserved the Nile's flooded waters and built Lake Nasser, the world's biggest artificial lake.
After that, we'll travel together to the Philae temple, which is in the middle of the water, so we'll get there by motorboat to enjoy the river Nile, which is drifting to the Philae temple, which was rescued from flooding before the high dam was built.

Day 05Final Departure
Day 05Final Departure

It's the day you leave. We know you won't want to go, but this is life, and everything great must come to an end.
Enjoy a lovely breakfast in your hotel and do not leave until our representative arrives to take you to the international airport at the agreed-upon hour.
If you decide to return, we will be waiting for you, and we would be pleased if you referred us to your friends.


  • Four full-board nights on a five-star Nile cruise (included sightseeing).
  • Guided tours are available in a variety of languages, including English.
  • Our air-conditioned cars will transport you to and from all of your trips and excursions.
  • all of the excursions detailed in the itinerary.
  • Includes all applicable fees and taxes.
  • Egypt, Vist stamp.
  • Personal stuff.
  • Any meals not listed in the programme.
  • Any optional tours not listed in the programme.
  • The tipping of the stuff.


5 Days 4 Nights


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