The city of Luxor, based on Thebes’ ancient metropolis, is one of the most well-known cities in Egypt. It is regarded as the finest accessible museum worldwide despite its sought-after touristic attractions that draw visitors from all over the world.

Let’s check out some things you need to know about the city

1- Where to Stay in Luxor Egypt

Getting somewhere to stay during your Luxor tour shouldn’t bother you at all. There are more than enough hotels you can simply book during or even before your visit to the City. Let’s check out some of these best hotels in Luxor.

1- Sofitel Winter Palace

Sofitel Winter Palace

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The first place you can stay is the Sofitel Winter Palace Luxor. Sofitel Winter Palace hotel is one of Luxor’s finest hotels. It is located at the heart of the city, with glimpses of the Nile River and a short walk from the Temple of Luxor.

The Old Winter Palace is a Victorian resort popularly known to be facing the Egypt Nile River . This hotel is worth the additional cost because it has recently been remodeled. The greatest spot to see the sunset over the Nile is from the terrace of the hotel.

2- The Hilton Resort and Spa

The Hilton Resort and Spa

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This hotel is one of the favorite hotels of tourists in Egypt, and it is where most people stay during their visit to Egypt. The sights of the West Bank’s balloon are stunning.

The rooms in this hotel are spacious, well-kept, and peaceful. This hotel has a pool, restaurants, and a gym on the premises. Most tourists that stayed in this hotel left positive feedback that they had a great time here, and I’m sure you also wouldn’t hesitate to try this hotel.

3- Steigenberger Resort Achti ( Previously, Sheraton Luxor)


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Steigenberger Resort Achti is one of the top hotels you can book during your tour to Luxor. Although it is quite far from town, most visitors still grumble.  This hotel is still safe and affordable. With modern furniture, a distinguished location is recommended by most visitors. Steigenberger Ashti Resort Hotel is characterized by two restaurants, Karnak Restaurant and an Italian restaurant called Ninos. There are also two swimming pools with a distinctive view of the river Nile in Luxor

4- St joseph Hotel Luxor

Down Town St Joseph Hotel Luxor

Located in the shopping district, St. Joseph Hotel offers bright rooms as well as an outdoor swimming pool, barbeque grills and a sun deck. Behind the Egyptian facade of St. Joseph Hotel lies the exquisite interior.
Because of St. Joseph Hotel located in the center of a market area, it is easy to get to Colossi of Memnon, Temple of Karnak and Luxor Museum. Guests will find Luxor city center within a 20-minute walk from the property.
The hotel is set next to a museum and a temple.
St. Joseph Hotel is within a 10-minute drive to Luxor airport.

5- Jolie Ville Hotel & Spa Kings Island Luxor


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The Luxor Hilton is a vacation resort that is located in the village of Karnak, Luxor City. It is a 5-minute drive from Hilton to Luxor town, and a 2 mins drive from Karnak Temple and a 20 mins drive from Hilton to Luxor Airport.

To cap it all, Tennis courts and two swimming pools are also available in this hotel.

6- The Iberotel Luxor

The Novotel Luxor

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The Iberotel Luxor hotel is located in the heart of the City, overlooking the Nile, and is only 11 kilometers from the airport. A ferry transport system to the west bank is available nearby. There are up to 180 rooms in the hotel, as well as a swimming pool and a restaurant.

7- Hotel Nefertiti

Hotel Nefertiti

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The Temple of Luxor is visible from the Nefertiti hotel. Up to four persons can be accommodated in each room in the hotel. The chef of this hotel can also serve your breakfast on the top-roof deck depending on your request.


Bob Marley Peace Guesthouse

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This is a resort run by Bob Marley. Air-conditioned, dormitory-style rooms are available at this well-rated cheap hostel. Luxor Temple is about a two-minute walk away.

9- Nile Castle

Nile Castle

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This low-cost motel has received positive reviews. It lies on the West Side of the Nile, therefore, you can visit the West Bank at your convenience; nevertheless, expect longer travel hours to the airport while visiting the East Bank.

2- Where to Eat in Luxor Egypt

Most new tourists find it tough to locate where to eat during your visit to Egypt, especially in Luxor city. There are lots of places in the city where you can purchase whatever you want during your tour. Let’s check some of the best restaurants in Luxor you can visit to purchase both foods and drinks.

Here is a list of some popular places you can visit to eat.

1- Marsam Restaurant

Marsam Restaurant

Marsam Restaurant, located at the West Bank of Luxor city, is a top-rated restaurant.

On their magnificent terrace, you can enjoy your Egyptian and Mediterranean cuisine.

2- Al-Sahaby Lane

Al-Sahaby Lane

Luxor’s East Bank consists of Al-Sahaby Lane. Al-Sahaby Lane is one of Luxor’s most highly rated eateries.

The cuisine at this restaurant is a combination of both Mediterranean and Egyptian.

3- Aboudi Coffee Break

Aboudi Coffee Break

Lastly, Aboudi Coffee Break is a café with a fantastic view of the Temple.

3- What to See

Are you contemplating what to see when you visit Luxor? There is nothing to bother about this because there are a lot of fascinating things to see during your visit. Luxor is brimming with breathtaking sites. The following are some of the best things to see in Luxor:

1- Luxor Temple

Luxor Temple

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Located in the heart of the city. It is most evocative at midnight when the people have dispersed and shades form in between the columns of papyrus. Luxor Temple resembles Karnak Temple in size and appearance, but it performed a distinct function than many other temples all across Luxor. This temple isn’t devoted to any specific god or Egyptian king in particular. However, it’s possible that it was where most of ancient Egypt’s monarchs were crowned.

2- Karnak


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Karnak is a massive temple structure with sphinxes, obelisks, and other Pharaonic relics. Every night, there is always an Audio and Visual display, which is regarded as one of the best all around the world. If you are interested in this, you can go, but it is advisable to visit Karnak during the day.

3- Museum of Luxor

Museum of Luxor

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This museum, which was established in 1975, houses items discovered in Luxor city and also relics from King Tutankhamun’s tomb. An average visit here lasts around an hour.

4- Museum of Mummification

Museum of Mummification

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This is a modest but informative museum about the process of mummification. There are mummified animals like birds, cats, and crocodiles, in addition to mummified people. An average visit to this museum lasts about 30 minutes.

5- Noble Tombs

Noble Tombs

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There are many tombs to see in the Tomb of the Nobles. The tombs of Sennofer and Rekhmire are suggested as two of the nicest tombs in the Tomb of the Nobles.

6- Ramesseum


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The Ramesseum is the shrine of the Great Ramesses II. There was formerly a huge statue of Ramesses II in the temple, about 20 meters high. But it fell and is now laying in numerous enormous pieces on the ground.

History of Luxor Egypt:

History of Luxor City

Some of the touristic attractions are Colossi of Memnon, Hatshepsut Temple, the stunning Valley of the Kings, and the magnificent Karnak Temple. Find out everything you need to know about Luxor city right here:

It is situated at the eastern bank of the Nile in the southern part of Egypt, at longitude 32 and latitudes 26, and a height of 11.9 inches above sea level. There are about 400,000 people living in Luxor city.

Luxor city was built on the ruins of Thebes, Upper Egypt’s ancient capital, and the splendid metropolis of Amun under the Ancient Kingdom. Thebes was referred to as “The Hundred Gates City,” and its significance dates back to the 11th century.

It was crucial in repelling the invasion of Hyksos armies. The cultural, economic, political, and historical significance of this beautiful city was well-known.

The ancient Luxor Temple was reported to have included a vast court as well as a series of chambers and rooms.

Alexander the Great statue stands in one of the halls in Luxor Temple.

Two gigantic Ramses statues stand at the entryway.

One out of the pair of obelisks is still standing at the entryway today, while the remaining pairs were demolished and re-built in the year 1831.

It is still the most populous area of Thebes as it fell into depletion.

It is now a market town that serves the rural districts around it. In 1975, the Luxor Museum was established.

Ancient of Thebes:

Ancient of Thebes

Built to commemorate the god, the dead, and the living, ancient Thebes houses some of the world’s finest structures. The city, which was recognized by Egyptians as Waset and is now called Luxor, served as Egypt’s capital for portions of the Medieval and New Kingdoms.

Thebes was formerly a small Theban deity who was combined with the god Re and ascended to the apex of the Egyptian pantheon.

The lively Thebes city is located on the Nile River banks some 800 km south of the Mediterranean. Thebes is the capital of Upper Egypt, the country’s southern portion that stretches all the way to Nubia. The king of Egypt is in charge of both Lower and Upper Egypt, which are separated by the Nile’s flow.

Things to do in Luxor

It is one of the top cities in Egypt that is endowed with lots of fascinating things. However, there are lots of things to do during your visitation to Luxor. Let’s check out some of the things to do in Luxor city.

  1. Hot Air Balloon Ride: It takes around 50 minutes to get back to the airport, so you can view it all over the clouds, Going for a hot air balloon ride tends to top the list of things to do in Luxor for most Tourists.
  2. Luxor’s tour of Aswan: You may visit major landmarks in the Aswan area like the uncompleted Obelisk, the High Dam, and the Temple of Philae.
  3. Kom Ombo and Temples of Edfu: Kom Ombo is located at the crocodile-headed Sobek honor of the two gods. Edfu was established in the Ptolemaic Kingdom and is devoted to Horus.
  4. Trip from Luxor to Abydos and Dandara: The most beautiful wall murals in Egypt.
  5. Luxor Horse Carriage Trip: Luxor city’s beauty has not yet vanished, and the city still radiates exquisite splendor, making a horse carriage ride a spectacular experience.

The carriage will pick you up from your hotel or any location then you will begin your trip by exploring Luxor’s wonderful urban life beneath the colorful skies while also enjoying exquisite Egyptian cuisine and beverages such as coffee and tea.

Touring in a horse cart and seeing the magnificent attractions of Pharaohs while exploring Luxor is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Best Time to Visit Luxor

Best time to visit Luxor

If you intend to spend your holiday in Luxor City, Egypt and wish to stay a while in Luxor, you have to think of some certain things, such as the top attractions to visit and, obviously, of course, what is the ideal time to visit?

From two different times to visit Luxor city are from March till April and also from October till December. During these periods, the weather will always be palatable and you won’t have to bother about the hot sun.

There is a need for you to plan to be in winter if you want to enjoy the coldest weather in Luxor, even if the expenses grow pretty high in that season.

The best time to spend your holiday in Luxor is entirely up to you. The above seasons are less competitive seasons in Luxor city, strongly characterized by minimal crowds, which offer a really reasonable trip and lodging prices.

Let’s check out the two different times to visit Luxor city

Spring season from March till April

Spring is a nice, but short season. The Spring season brings diminishing crowds and is also the best suitable season in Upper Egypt, which is a highly recommended time for visitation.

The average temperature during this period varies between 27°C and 40°C and visitation during this season is pretty quiet, therefore the spring season is the best opportunity for you to hunt for the best price for your vacations. April is the top period for Luxor hotels & Nile cruises, although costs are much lower in March, so please choose the right time to visit Luxor city.

Autumn/Winter Season from October to December

With a combination of warmth and wind, you can really appreciate the lovely weather in Luxor city during your tour. In this period, tourism is often the slowest, and hence hotels prices in autumn and winter season can be very cheap, depending on the climatic conditions between 27.8°C and 39°C. In October, however, when you visit Luxor, try to take an umbrella with you, as this is the rainiest month in Luxor.

Is it safe to visit?


Even though Luxor is a safe place to some extent, but if you are a new tourist who doesn’t know the way around Luxor, you might face some particular problems.

Here are some issues you might face

Most people face minor scams, quite a lot of trouble, and slight discomfort during visits to Luxor. If severe harassment happens, it is advisable for you to instantly inform the police and maybe your foreign representatives.

The most typical scams mentioned below are from the discussion board for the Luxor Forum and are made by experienced Luxor tourists, not quite experienced Luxor tourists, Destination Specialist, and everyone else in between.

Here are the different scams you can encounter

  1. Transportation Scams
  2. Shopping Scams
  3. The Waiter Scam
  4. The Airport Scam
  5. Money Changing Scam.

Nevertheless, Egypt is a great country. The best approach to ensure your safety in Luxor city, Egypt is to take necessary precautions, that is, visit only the places that are advisable.

Crime is, in general, rather low, yet there is sexual violence in Egypt against women, even visitors. However, security problems remain the greatest danger in the country.

If you have been a traveler with experience and were in places similar to Egypt, we would say now that it is quite safe. However, as earlier mentioned, for a first-time traveler, Egypt is certainly not safe.

But you can do more to remain safe in Egypt, especially in Luxor city – ensure that you observe these guidelines on safety.

  1. Make copies of your ID: You will likely have to present them in case police stop you and it is not nice to lose your passport.
  2. Get a sim card: They are quite inexpensive and accessible.
  3. Keep with you enough little changes: Giving tips to drivers, guides, and other people is a cultural practice to suggest.
  4. Dress properly: Luxor is a conservative city. Egypt at large is popularly known to be a country where both men and women dress decently.

How to Get to Luxor

How to Get to Luxor

The majority of people are able to get to the city via airplane or on a Nile cruise. However, you can also get to Luxor by train or vehicle.

Luxor International Airport is situated 7 kilometers east of Luxor city. You can either hire a driver or book a cab in order to get to your hotel from the airport.

If you’re taking a Nile River cruise, make sure you include adventures of the East and West Banks in your agenda.

Luxor to Aswan and Cairo may be reached by railway. It takes about 10 hours to get from Cairo to Luxor city by express train. One-way fare for sleeper cabins varies from $75 to $120.

First-class tickets cost around $12.74, while second-class seats cost around $7.64.

Traveling by train from Luxor to Aswan takes approximately 3 to 4 hours and costs around 60 to 90 Egyptian pounds. It is also possible to travel from Luxor to Aswan by road. A taxi will cost you at least around 1200 EGP.

How Much Time do you Need to Tour Around Luxor City? 

You’ll need at least three days to explore and accomplish everything on your to-do list.

Even if you only have a limited amount of time, you will still be able to catch a glimpse.

One day in Luxor: You can actually spend the morning on the West Bank of Luxor if you only have just a day. Medinet Habu, Queen Hatshepsut Temple, the Valley of the Kings, and a trip to Memnon Colossi are the recommended place that you can visit.

The tomb of Nefertari is also a magnificent place to visit in just a day if you are keeping to time and don’t mind paying a high entry fee. On the East Bank of Luxor, you can see both Luxor and Karnak Temple in the afternoon.

Spend your two days in the alternating in between the Western and the Eastern Banks.

You can see everything on this list in three days in Luxor. You can also add another day to the West Bank. With this, you can explore the East Bank in a day and likewise explore the West Bank in two days.

The Luxor Pass

The Luxor Pass

The Luxor Pass is one ticket that covers all the ancient sites on Luxor’s Eastern and Western Banks.

This pass comes in two varieties.

  1. The standard Luxor Pass: The standard Luxor Pass offers access to all the attractions on the Eastern and the western Banks, with the exclusion of Nefertari’s and Seti I tombs.
  2. The Premium Luxor Pass: All of the ancient attractions on the Eastern and the western Banks, and also Nefertari and Seti I tombs, are included in the Premium Luxor Pass. The Luxor Premium Pass will cost you up to 3140 EGP for adults and 1570 EGP for students under the age of 30 who present a legitimate student ID card.
  3. The Luxor Pass is valuable if you plan to spend a minimum of two days in the city, visiting all of the attractions listed here for the Western Bank and also the important attractions on the Eastern Bank.

In Conclusion:

Luxor city is one of the top cities that are endowed with a lot of tourist attractions ranging from different Temples and Tombs to Museums. The guide above has explained lots of fascinating things you need to know about the city. This article will surely guide you from the beginning of your tour in Luxor to the end.