Are you planning a visitation to Egypt? If this is the case, you may be thinking about how much it costs to visit Egypt.

Egypt is comparatively cheap. Egypt is less expensive to travel to than some countries like New Zealand, Europe, Australia, Japan, and North America.

Visiting Egypt costs about the same as visiting Southeast Asia. In the event that you are on a tight budget, you will still be able to do a lot of things on your list in Egypt without breaking the bank. And if you want to include expensive accommodations and a Nile River cruise, you can also do so without breaking the bank.



It’s no surprise that Egypt is one of Africa’s best-known tourist destinations, thanks to its abundance of affordable and luxurious hotels nestled in groomed gardens and desert camps. These hotels and resorts will provide you exactly what you paid for.

Egypt’s spectacular tourist attractions, such as tombs, temples, museums, restaurants, and so on, have necessitated a large investment in the country’s hotel business.

In Egypt, there are different grades of hotels ranging from one star to 5 stars, and the packages in each star will differ from one another. The accommodation sector in Egypt gradually, with more effort invested in providing improved facilities. All accommodations in Egypt also have medical services.

All the top hotels in cities like Luxor, Cairo, and Hurghada offer exclusive accommodation at an affordable price. There are also some areas in the hotels where pools, restaurants, gyms, and some other necessary facilities can be found, and they are also a good place to watch interesting cultural entertainments that are done specially for tourists.

The top-rated hotels in Egypt reveal the value of your money. There are also some accommodations in Egypt that require advance booking or reservation, especially during main Islamic holidays and also in the winter months.

Let’s check out some grades of hotels in Egypt and their prices.

  1. Budget hotels: Budget hotels are mostly referred to as 2 stars hotels. Their prices range from around $10 to $50.
  2. Mid-range hotels: Mid-range hotels are mostly known as 3 stars hotels. They cost around $50 to $150.
  3. Luxury Hotels: Luxury hotels comprise both 4 stars and 5 stars hotels. Some of the luxury hotels are Hilton Resort in Luxor, Marriott Mena House in Giza, and Ritz-Carlton hotel in Cairo. These hotels cost around $150 and above.
  4. You can book a hotel that falls in any of the grades of hotels above depending on your choice, location, and the one you can afford.


Averaged from 10 EGP to 100 EGP for local food, street food, and vegetarian meal, meals can be enjoyed at a very cheap price in Egypt. One of most tourist favorite cuisines in Egypt, Falafel sandwiches costs about 15 EGP per sandwich.

Sit down and eat at various eateries at the range of 10 EGP to 100 EGP each plate. The cost of your meal will be higher in luxury eateries and hotels.

Tipping: It is usual to tip up to about 10% of your cost for a sit-down meal.

Here is a list of some popular places you can visit to eat.

Marsam Restaurant

Marsam Restaurant

Marsam Restaurant, located at the West Bank of Luxor city, is a top-rated restaurant.

On their magnificent terrace, you can enjoy your Egyptian and Mediterranean cuisine.

Al-Sahaby Lane


Luxor’s East Bank consists of Al-Sahaby Lane. Al-Sahaby Lane is one of Luxor’s most highly rated eateries.

The cuisine at this restaurant is a combination of both Mediterranean and Egyptian.

A Taste of India

A Taste of India

A Taste of India is a fantastic place to go if you are looking for a portion of nice Indian food.

The Kings Head Pub and Restaurant

The Kings Head Pub and Restaurant

If you’re searching for a bar, check out The Kings Head Pub and Restaurant.

Aboudi Coffee Break

Aboudi Coffee Break

Lastly, Aboudi Coffee Break is a café with a fantastic view of the Luxor Temple.

Entrance fees

The majority of entrance prices in Egypt vary from 25 to 200 Egyptian pounds, which is equivalent to $1.59 to $12.74. Places like the Valley of the Kings in Luxor cost $15 while the Giza Pyramids cost $12.74, and they are two of the more expensive ticket destinations in Egypt.

There are many exceptional attractions with substantially higher entrance fees. Some of them include the Great Pyramid (it cost about $25.47), Seti I’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings (it cost around $63.68), and lastly, Queen Nefertari’s tomb in the Queens Valley (it cost up to like $90).

Nevertheless, most people who toured the Plateau of Giza and the western bank of Luxor doubled their tour in the Kings Valley, and also included additional museums and temples to the plains at a few areas paid a total entrance fee that was more than other visitors.

You will surely get the value of the Luxor Pass you purchase when you intend on spending a minimum of two days in Luxor visiting both the Eastern and Western Banks.

All the historical attractions in Luxor, excluding the tombs of Nefertari and Seti I, can be visited for 1570 EGP. All the historical attractions in Luxor, including Nefertari’s tomb and seti 1’s tomb are available for 3140 EGP.

Internal Flights

Internal Flights

Internal flights are the quickest mode of transportation between cities, but it is also the most costly.

Flights within Egypt: There are three internal flights within Egypt, and they are:

  • Flight from Cairo to Luxor: It costs 2277 EGP
  • Domestic trip flight to Abu Simbel: It costs 5100 EGP
  • Internal flight from Aswan to Cairo: It costs 2400 EGP
  • Domestic flight from Aswan to Luxor: It costs 4700 EGP

Average Train Costs

Traveling by train is the most cost-effective alternative if you are on a tight budget. Here are the costs for the Special Express and Express trains in EGP.

Traveling from Cairo to Alexandria:

  1. First Class Ticket: 47 EGP to 62 EGP
  2. Second Class Ticket: 30 EGP to 47 EGP

Traveling from Cairo to Luxor:

  1. First Class Ticket: 270 EGP
  2. Sleeper Cabin Ticket: 1250 EGP to 1720 EGP

Traveling from Luxor to Aswan:

  1. First Class Ticket: 125 EGP
  2. Second Class Ticket: 78 EGP

Visa on Arrival

Cost of Visa on Arrival: Visa on Arrival costs 390 EGP.

An immigration checkpoint in Egypt offers visa-on-arrival to citizens of more than 60 countries. Once you are in Egypt, you must proceed straight to border control and wait in line for an application to be filled out before you may receive your visa on arrival.

On your arrival in Egypt, after filling out a form with a variety of personal information, passport data, and travel information, applicants must pay a visa fee in the local currency. You can’t make a payment with either a debit card or a credit card. The Egypt e-Visa has been the ideal option for individuals intending to visit the nation for a short period of time since its establishment. However, an Egyptian Visa on Arrival can still be obtained.

Prior to the implementation of the new electronic visa, obtaining an Egyptian tourist visa on arrival was a simple process. That’s because passengers didn’t have to worry about applying for their visa ahead of time; all they had to do was make sure they had all of the appropriate documentation and the application fee with them when they boarded the plane.

However, visas for Egypt on arrival can probably be unforeseen, and it might be harder to obtain than most visitors imagine.

For years, eligible travelers have been allowed to obtain an Egyptian visa on arrival, which has not been withdrawn. Citizens of 41 countries are presently eligible to apply for a visa on arrival in Egypt: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Germany, Georgia, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Macedonia, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, South Korea, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and The United States.

SIM Card

SIM Card

We all know that having a SIM Card is as important as having other things due to the fact that it will give you the opportunity to make calls and also to use cellular data during your tour in Egypt. You can easily get a SIM card at the Orange shop at Cairo International Airport.

The cost of a SIM card in Egypt is 266 EGP. After purchasing this SIM card, you will found 10 gigabytes of data for 30 days.

As you could think, traveling even without the Internet is difficult, since you will need GPS to track your route and place.


In large cities, first of all, there is a need to speak about the SIM card cellular data connection in Egypt.

If you don’t go to the desert or faraway towns, the network connection will be strong.

Most tourists gave a good remark that they don’t travel too far and the network connection has always been fantastic.

Moreover, wireless internet in hotels can be provided.

Certainly, buying a prepaid SIM card in Egypt is one of the best decisions you can ever make in order to get connected online. It is advisable to get the visitor Egypt SIM card at the airport as the packages and pricing in an administrative store are the same.


It’s easy and straightforward to acquire an Egypt SIM card airport prepaid with Vodafone and Orange.

You will be provided different alternatives when you reach the International Airport in Cairo.

Grab your travel documents in the airport or in a store whenever you want to purchase your local SIM in Egypt because it is always necessary.

From the airport to electronics stores in Egypt, you can acquire a SIM card practically anyplace.

Just remember to carry your passport or any other legal means of identification along with you.

Also, be completely sure you notify them of their packages and costs.

It all relies on how long you’ll be in Egypt and the quantity of cellular data you’ll require. There are inexpensive SIM cards available in Egypt for travelers that are valid for up to a month.

Egypt has four phone companies: Etisalat, WE, Vodafone, and Orange and Vodafone provide comparable plans and connectivity. Etisalat offers a great call rate, while WE have the most economical data packages that are adequate for cities.


This is one of Egypt’s tourist SIM cards, which is also the biggest and most successful covered telephone operator in Egypt. This Vodafone Egypt SIM card can be obtained from the airport or office shopping for tourists. For 188 EGP, you will be given 8 GB, and 200 and 20 minutes calls for local and international respectively.


The second-biggest phone operator is the Orange SIM card and the service is strong, although less than Vodafone.Orange Egypt’s SIM card for travellers you may purchase it at the airport or while shopping in the office. In exchange for 188 EGP, you’ll get 5 GB of storage space as well as 200 local and 20 international minutes of talk time every month (per line).


Etisalat is one of Egypt’s tourist SIM cards, which is also the third biggest and most successful covered telephone operator in Egypt. This Etisalat Egypt SIM card can be obtained from the airport or office shopping for tourists. For 157 EGP, you will be given 5 GB, and 500 and 10 minutes calls for local and international respectively.


The smallest phone operator is the Orange SIM card and the service is strong, although less than Vodafone. This WE Egypt SIM card can be obtained from the airport or office shopping for tourists. For 282 EGP, you will be given 18 GB, and 200 and 20 mins call for local and international respectively.

Guide and drive

Guide and drive

Owing to the unparalleled archeological artifacts, the Red Sea, and beautiful desert, Egypt receives large numbers of people yearly. Egypt is always ready to accommodate international visitors just like they do to mass tourism.

Nevertheless, you will soon be able to discover that you will likely rely on your tour operator or hotel. Outside the major urban areas, Egyptian public transport might be unpredictable, and a cab could become a costly and stressful experience during busy hours.

You can actually hire a driver to transport you from one city to another. In fact, the cost is always based on how far you travel.

If you are planning on hiring a driver from Luxor to Aswan, it will cost you up to about 1500 EGP. A driver for a one-day journey from Luxor to Dendera and Abydos costs roughly 1500 EGP.

If you enjoy the concept of hiring a driver but don’t want to go on a cruise or vacation, ask your hotel for a quote.

Tour Cost

Touring Egypt offers various benefits. This is one of the most significant advantages you’ll enjoy:The tour operator will take care of your transportation . Another benefit is that you will have the optimum opportunity to travel in either a small group or private group based on your selected visitation and location, and you will also be able to visit the sights with a competent Egyptologist.

There are some exclusive tour companies that provide day visitations and multi-day visitation in Egypt.

In fact, you will also enjoy a combined 10-day journey on a tailor-made package.

You can also request to travel privately for those 10 days.

A guide, driver, and minivan will be provided by the tour operator for your tour to Egypt.

Let’s check out what some experienced tourists said about the amount they spent during their tour.

“There were other charges, such camel excursions to Giza Pyramids and a number of air tickets not scheduled by our hotel. Every day, we were charge you a fee that did not cover entrance fees or food. But snacks and bottled water were included. In 2019, we spent close to 3500 EGP per day. This is applicable to six individuals, averaging 583 EGP per person per day.”

Group tour and year period will affect the daily fee of your tour.

You’ll pay more per person if your group isn’t big enough to get a discount.

Don’t forget that from December ending to February, the regular tours will also be more expensive. Normally, if you don’t require a guide, you can do the trip on your own, but Egypt is different. It’s a good idea to hire an Egyptologist if you’re intending to visit any of the destinations you’re considering.

Airport Transfers

Airport Transfers

Based on the city and location, you have many options for getting to your accommodation from the airport.

Taxis are the most cost-effective mode of transportation. The cost is determined by the distance traveled. Based on the area and distance, taxi rates might range from 50 EGP to 180 EGP.

Make a transfer reservation through your hotel. The cost varies depending on the location and distance traveled, however you can spend an average of 700 EGP for the transportation of 6 people.

If you are up to six, you can use a combination of hotel-arranged transfers and tour-company-arranged transfers. Having this planned in advance is well worth the additional money.

Grand total

If you factor in everything, how much does it cost to go to Egypt?

Let’s check out the actual travel fees (for each person) if you are planning to spend up to like 10 days in Egypt, visiting some places like Luxor city, Aswan, Giza, Cairo, and Abu Simbel:

  • Accommodations: 1250 EGP per night multiplied by 9 nights equals 11,250 EGP.
  • Meals: 400 EGP per day for ten days Equals 4000 EGP in meals
  • Entrance price: 5000 EGP
  • Flights within Egypt: 10,000 EGP
  • Visa on Arrival: 390 EGP for a visa on arrival
  • SIM Card: 266 EGP for a SIM card
  • Guide and drive: 1250 EGP every day for 9 days = 11,250 EGP for guide and driver.
  • Observation on admissions costs: This entry price includes all of the fees associated with your ten-day historical vacation packages.

The Premium Luxor Ticket, which costs 3140 EGP more on top of the 5000 EGP entrance price, permits you to explore the tombs of both Seti I and also the tomb of Nefertari.

Flights within Egypt (Internal Flight)

There are three flights within Egypt, and they are:

  1.  Flight from Cairo to Luxor
  2. A trip flight to Abu Simbel
  3. Domestic flight from Aswan to Cairo.

Traveling by road instead of air can save you a huge amount of money.

Grand cost per person: Approximately 38,000 EGP.

This total does not include airport transfers, souvenirs, and flights to Egypt, and various charges like tipping.

Visitors who cannot afford the aforementioned costs may, of course, still visit Egypt. You can simply hire taxis, take a train, and book a cheap hotel in order to cut down the cost of touring in Egypt instead of making arrangements for airport transfers. This allows you to save 15,730 EGP and to add a total of 22,000 EGP to an Egyptian ten-day tour.

If you want to go to Egypt during holiday seasons like Christmas, keep in mind that the costs of hotels, tickets, and cruises may be more than those stated.

In Conclusion 

Traveling to Egypt is not as difficult as traveling to some other parts of the world.

Egypt is a popular tourist destination since it is home to several of the world’s most intriguing landmarks, including temples, tombs, museums, and more.

It’s also a lot less expensive to go to Egypt than some of the more well-known nations like Russia or the United States.