In every country, there are many popular tourist areas, which are often crowded with tourists and the first destination for those who want to visit that country and are often associated with famous tourist attractions such as pyramids in Egypt and the Eiffel Tower in Paris and so on. Even if you want to go to a coastal area in Egypt Alexandria will be nominated primarily, but if you want to change and go to unfamiliar places, where do you go?

The unrivaled tourist destinations in Egypt often combine the beauty of natural scenes with comfort and recreation. Here are the most unusual tourist areas in Egypt, which may be the first time you know them.

Unusual tourist destinations in Egypt

Ras Satan

Ras Satan

Between Nuweiba and Taba, the most tranquil area is known as the destination of all those who seek tranquility and relaxation without disturbance, in spite of the oddity of the name but in fact it was not the original name but was the “head of the two” but for the difficulty to pronounce on foreign tourists “Beach’s Head” The name of the region of Satan’s head.

Ras Shitan is a campsite. There are no hotels or chalets. This makes the accommodation unique and gives a new and enjoyable experience. The difference is not great between the camps. There is a camp, a straw hut, a palm tree, and a built-in brick.

Ras Shitan is a wonderful destination for a group of friends or a couple on a honeymoon. In the morning you can relax on wooden sofas or Bedouin arches and enjoy the sun and sea or the experience of scuba diving or the mountain climbing experience. There are 9 mountain climbing mountains in Ras Ditan. Visit the surrounding areas of Demon Brats like Mount Moses and St. Catherine which are low-cost trips.

The city of the short

Perhaps the name is familiar to you. We have always studied in the social studies article “Port of the short” and its economic importance to Egypt, but this time we will focus on the city of Qusayr as it was not known before.

Al-Qusayr is located 138 km south of Hurghada. It is known as the tourist area where it is called the shortest name because it is the shortest road connecting Hurghada and the Red Sea in Upper Egypt and Luxor, so there are many Pharaonic, Coptic, Roman and Islamic monuments also,

Al Qusayr is a winter tourist destination because it has a dry desert climate and is frequented by tourists in the warm climate of the country.

Wadi Al-Jamal Park

Wadi Al-Jamal Park

Valley of beauty and beauty, this area is the first area in Egypt where all the beauty and magic of the sea and mountains and rare animals and the sky is pure and allows you to follow the stars and all that you like the eyes of beauty found in the “Valley of beauty.”

The area was named because of the fact that it contains plants that have a distinctive taste for beauty. The shepherds have always found the cool beauty gathering in this area, and some still call it the “Valley of Forbidden Beauty”.

Wadi Al-Jammal is 7,000 km south of Marsa Alam in the Red Sea. It is divided into two areas, the Wild Zone and the Hambala Hamat area where there are rare animals and birds.

The valley of the camel is one of the largest mountain basins in the world because it contains a lot of animals and birds rare, is considered the mountain of Hamata, for example, is stable falcon sunset is one of the rarest birds.

The splendor of the sky in the valley of beauty allows you to follow the stars to astronomy lovers and explore using telescopes where the stars are clearly visible and a wonderful aesthetic scene that you may not see except there.

Valley of beauty is a golden opportunity to see the various wild animals such as deer, tectonic and eagles, as well as wonderful coral reefs and aquatic animals such as sea turtles.

The lake is surrounded by Ras Mohammed

Ras Mohammed

We all know the Ras Mohammed sanctuary or at least heard the name but rarely hear on behalf of the enchanted lake despite its presence inside the reserve.

The lake was named after the water color change 7 times depending on the sunlight to contain a large amount of minerals that contribute to the treatment of rheumatic diseases.

The visitors can enjoy one-day camping and diving to see coral reefs, colorful fish and rare marine life. The reserve is home to many rare animals such as the mountainous Nubian deer and mountain rabbits and has fossils over 20 million years old.

The lake in the valley of Al Rayyan

the valley of Al Rayyan

There is another lake called the lake in the province of Fayoum in Fayoum, specifically within the valley of Rayan, but less famous than Lake Ras Mohammed, so that some of the residents of the province do not know and the reason is not known due to the surrounding many mountains and sand dunes, making them a bit immersed.

The fascinating lagoon of Al Rayyan is the destination of many young sand-skiing enthusiasts. It is an ideal venue for the sport, and the 2016 International Sand Skating Championship has been held with the participation of many countries.

This is in addition to being a great place to also practice mountain climbing, swimming, and paragliding.

The White Desert

The White Desert

Unlike all yellow deserts, the white desert is named because of the white color that it coats and makes it a rare desert area that is not like its beauty.

The White Desert has located 500 km from Cairo in the Farafra Oasis in the New Valley Governorate. It was declared a nature reserve in 2002 to contain a rare collection of animals and fossils in addition to geographical phenomena.

The area is considered one of the best safari and camping places. The night stars are unmatched anywhere and are usually chosen by the Egyptian Astronomical Observatory to monitor the stars. Visitors can also enjoy the hot groundwater in the Ein Al Sero well, which is more than 40 ° C.

It is located close to the White Desert and is an important place usually frequented by white desert tourists, “Crystal Mountain”. The Crystal Mountain is one of the rarest mountains in the world where it is an enormous mountain of crystal showing its luster with sunlight containing more than 125 kinds of huge crystal