As a tourist planning to visit Egypt, the Aswan High Dam should be on your checklist. This dam was built over the Nile River and was completed in the year 1970, with its building cost running to nearly $1 billion. It is situated at the northern border between Sudan and Egypt.

About Aswan High Dam

Aswan High Dam

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The Aswan High Dam was created out of the need to control the flooding that was caused by the Nile River. Thanks to the dam, for the first time in history, man could control the annual Nile River floods. Furthermore, the dam was built to increase the storage of water and encourage agricultural produce while also generating more hydroelectric power.

It also has a reservoir called Lake Nasser. Because this reservoir had to be created, the Abu Simbel, an old Egyptian temple complex that was situated in that environs had to be relocated. As a result of this, over 90,000 Egyptian common people and Sudanese Nubia nomads had to be moved as well. Next, 50,000 Egyptians were moved to the Kawm Umbū valley, close to Aswan to begin agricultural activities while the Sudanese settled in Khashm al-Qirbah, Sudan.

The Aswan High Dam has since then become a major source of income for the Egyptian government. Also called the Aswan Dam, it is 111 meters high (364 feet), 980 meters wide (3,220 feet), and 3,830 meters long (12,562). Every second, the dam spills a maximum discharge of 11,000m³.

Why You Should Visit The Aswan High Dam?

The Aswan High Dam presents so many archaeological sites and fun places to visit through our Aswan tours. These include:

1- The Aga Khan Museum

The Aga Khan Museum

This museum was named after the first Aga Khan, leader of the Shia Ismaili Muslims, who planned to build a museum in the community that celebrated Islamic art. It was not until September 2014 that the Aga Khan Museum became open to the general public. The Museum hosts various art galleries, a library, exhibition places, classrooms, and restaurants. It also holds rare artistic objects that are over ten centuries old.

Inside the museum, you will find a courtyard with glass walls with a three-dimensional (3D) effect that reflects the Islamic Jali screens, among others. This is a most beautiful sight that you cannot afford to miss so make sure you have this on your checklist.

2- The Elephantine Island

The Elephantine Island

The Elephantine Island, as its name suggests, is a big and the largest island in the Nile. If you are looking for how to getting away from the noise of the city, Elephantine Island is just the perfect choice. It presents a quiet and calm atmosphere where you can take long walks or read a book. Furthermore, there are two villages situated on the island and these villages have unique colorful wall paintings. You can also seize this opportunity to interact with the local people and learn some of their languages.

3- The Nubian Museum

The Nubian Museum

This museum is considered to be one of Egypt’s most important museums. When the Aswan Dam was built, most of the Nubian culture was submerged. However, thanks to the creation of the museum, the Nubian culture was not completely lost. The Nubian Museum is home to most of the Nubian culture such as artifacts and even documents that reflect the Nubian culture.

4- The Obelisk

The Obelisk

Although the Obelisk is an uncompleted abandoned project, it is still home to some of Egypt’s architectural pieces.

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What to Expect at Aswan High Dam?

Here are some things to expect when you visit the Aswan High Dam:

1- It Is Hot

For a dam that was built across a river, this is one of the hottest places that you could visit. However, there is a cold season as well. December and January are the coldest months while June, July, and August are the hottest. So, you have to consider the months before you travel.

2- No Hotels

There are no hotels close to the dam but there are many hotels in its environs. These include the Baba Dool, the Ibiza Nubian Hotel, and the Awi Guest House. These hotels present the option of single and double rooms, free Wi-Fi, an outdoor dining area, an airport shuttle, private and shared bathrooms, great views, among others.

What to Do at Aswan High Dam?

What to Do at Aswan High Dam

There are so many things you can do when you visit the Aswan High Dam. First of all, start by booking at any of the aforementioned hotels, and make sure you enjoy the scenery. Next, visit any of the museums and island that has been mentioned here. You can also shop around for souvenirs to take back home with you. Whether you are on a budget or have plenty of cash to spend, you will definitely find many things to buy.