The ancient region of Nubia in which the Nubian Village is located extends from the River Nile valley to Khartoum, Sudan in the south, and the Libyan Desert in the west. Towards its east are the Red Sea’s shores. The location is divided into two. The southern part, Upper Nubia, was known as Kush during the reign of the 18th- dynasty Egyptian Pharaohs. The ancient Greeks called the area Ethiopia.

The northern part, Lower Nubia, is between the first and second Aswan waterfalls. This area was called Wawat. The Nubians who settled along the banks of the River Nile were farmers and skilled archers. The present Nubian villages near Aswan are located on the Nile’s west bank. The Nubian cultures and traditions are practiced in the colorful villages.

Gharb Soheil

This village located near Aswan city exhibits the unique Nubian culture, art, and language. Known as Nubian village, it is known for its stunning ornamental architecture. The colorful buildings are constantly repainted and renovated. The back-alleys and winding streets in the village are also decorated with murals, paintings, and other attractive vibrant designs.

You can reach Nubian village from Aswan by boat or car. The first option is the easiest way to get to Gharb Soheil. It also guarantees an exciting journey. You can hire a motorboat from Aswan or Elephantine Island if you are on the island. The boat trip from these locations to the Nubian village will take about 10-15 minutes.

Before you embark on the journey, negotiate the booking price with the boat operators to avoid getting overcharged. Inquire about fair pricing if you aren’t familiar with the transportation fares in the locality. You can get reliable information from your guesthouse’s reception. The boat ride downtown from Aswan or Elephantine Island offers you a breathtaking experience.

On a sunny day, you are sure to enjoy striking scenery as you travel along the Nile. You will see the vast area of the desert and the small islands coming out of the Nile. Besides, you will catch a glimpse of Aswan city and view other tourist attractions sites. You can join one of our Aswan tours and enjoy such visitors’ hotspots, including Aswan Botanical Garden and Aga Khan’s mausoleum.

A journey to Nubian village by yourself is worth it if you plan to spend time exploring the location. If the cost and time limitation isn’t an issue, you can opt for a guided tour to Gharb Soheil. Whichever option you choose, don’t fail to visit this charming village.

Nubian Village

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You will be amazed at the vibrant designs of the colorful houses when you arrive at Gharb Soheil. The buildings are constructed with mud bricks and most of them have domed ceilings. This design of the ceiling supports the even distribution of heat from the sun throughout the house. You can observe the art and designs on the walls when you walk around the village.

The locals still practice their ancient culture. They believe that crocodiles are sacred and can protect them. They hang mummified crocodiles over their doors. Some locals domesticated the reptiles and locked them up in cages for visitors to view. A mummified crocodile above the door of a building indicates that the house owner may have domesticated crocodiles.

What to do in Nubian Village?

The beauty of the village is its major attraction for tourists. The locals refer to it as a “magnet for foreigners.” And if you enjoy wandering, Nubia Village is an ideal place to have fun. The village has winding pathways with hidden nooks at each turn. If you want to explore the alleys and hidden spots, you will spend at least 3 hours.

Besides wandering around the pathways, there are other things to do in Gharb Soheil. You can go shopping. There are many shops with local goods: spices, herbs, teas, perfumes, clothing, handbags, trinkets, and Nubian dolls. If you love buying souvenirs, you will see many up for grabs. A lot of homemade crafts are also available.

Also, there are numerous eateries where you can enjoy Nubian cuisine. “Kato Dool” is a popular restaurant for visitors. It offers a variety of dishes in a serene and beautiful environment. You can even have a meal of freshly caught fish from the Nile River. You will enjoy the views of the village as you dine at the restaurant.

If you want an adventure, you can go for a camel ride across the desert. The camels are also colorfully decorated. Besides, various accommodation options are available if you want to spend more time in the Nubian Village. Hotels and colorful guesthouses overlooking River Nile will be a nice place to spend the night in the village. The Nubian people are friendly and welcoming.  You will enjoy a visit to Gharb Soheil.

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