Egypt is one of the popularly known countries to house lots of different temples. One of the temples that can be found in Luxor, Egypt is the temple of Thoth at Qasr el-Aquz.

The temple of Thoth in Qasr el-Aquz is one of Egypt’s most attractive destinations. The temple of Thoth at Qasr el-Aquz is one of the most popular tourist and travel destinations, and I think this should top the list of places you and your family are looking forward to exploring.

There is no doubt that this is a location you would be eager to explore and add to your Luxor tour because it’s full of fascinating things that will surpass your expectations. Let’s take a look at some of the temple’s fascinating facts.

Here are some intriguing facts regarding the temple of Thoth at Qasr el-Aquz that you should know.

About Temple of Thoth

According to thorough research just of recent, the temple of Thoth at Qesr el-Aquz is a very large temple segregated specially to worship the Egyptian deity known as Thoth.

The temple of Thoth at Qasr el-Aquz has a very simple structure, which has a small forecourt that leads to the three chambers.

The first hall in the temple has nothing much in it, but the second hall entrance door has the titles of Cleopatra and Ptolemy written on it. There are also several scenes in the temple that needs to be explored by you and your family.

The scenes in the second hall portray the king making offerings to the gods. The sanctuary behind the hall has a scene that depicts the king standing before the god even though most of the paintings were not quite easy to make.

temple of Thoth

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There is another scene in the temple of the Thoth that shows Ptolemy making an offering to Ptolemy IV and Ptolemy V, including the queens and also some of his ancestors.

In other scenes, Thoth was seen handing over the heb-sed symbol to Ptolemy VII.

When you get to the northern wall of the sanctuary hall, you will see a scene that portrays the king opening a shrine that contains Thoth and the wall at the back depicts the king making offerings to many gods. The ceiling of the temple shows the goddesses of both south and north, Buto and Nekhbet.

There are still a lot of things to explore apart from all of the mind-blowing historical facts described above. You and your family can also join other travelers in exploring the temple’s amazing artistic designs and paintings.

Since it contains so many interesting facts, this is undoubtedly a destination that most people look forward to seeing.


There are a few more facts about this temple that you will be able to discover during your visit. This is a simple adventure that you can do with your family.

All you’ll need for this trip is your visa, some clothing, and some personal items. Going on a journey to this magnificent temple in Egypt will also allow you to see other things along the route.