When visiting the beautiful and exotic city of Luxor in Egypt, don’t forget to add the Tomb of Queen Titi to your Luxor tour.(sometimes spelled Tyti) was an ancient Egyptian queen ruling in the 20th Dynasty. She was the wife of Ramesses III, and also thought to be his daughter also. She is the probable mother of Ramesses IV.

Titi ruled alongside her father and husband, giving birth to the next Pharaoh, Ramesses IV. It was originally thought that she was actually married to Ramesses X, and that she and her husband were both the children of Ramesses IX. However, recent findings have pointed to her actual husband being Ramesses III.

About The Tomb of Queen Titi

As Queen, she led an important and wealthy life, as shown by the beauty of her tomb in the Valley of Queens. Her tomb is located on the western banks of the Nile just outside of Luxor and is on the smaller side of royal tombs. It has also sustained a high level of damage from extensive reuse over the ages. Her tomb shares several features in common with the tomb of Amenkherkhepshef, who is thought to be her son because of this. The floor plan of both tombs is nearly identical in many areas, and the decorations are of similar design. These decorations include walls of paintings and reliefs set on a grey or white background, although is some areas the background was set to yellow instead.

The Tomb of Queen Titi

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What’s so intriguing about Tomb of Queen Titi is how she was depicted in the murals and reliefs adorning the tomb’s walls. In many scenes, she appears as a young girl with a bright costume and braided hair. In other areas of the tomb, she is shown as a middle-aged woman instead, dressed conservatively and without any makeup. It is uncommon for depictions of royal women to be contrasted like this, which makes these reliefs particularly interesting.

As for the tomb’s structure, it follows the form of a corridor preceded by a burial chamber surrounded by smaller antechambers. Again, this structure is extremely similar to the tomb of Amenkherkhepshef, linking the two historical figures together inextricably.

Inside the burial chamber proper, the ceiling is covered in delicate white painted stars on a golden background, which is quite a beautiful sight to behold. Various depictions of the Gods are shown on the walls all around the chamber, showing Queen Titi being received with honor and glory in the afterlife.

Upon visiting Tomb of Queen Titi, you’ll get to see all this and more for yourself. You could spend hours within the walls of her tomb, taking in the carvings, reliefs, and paintings that adorn its walls and ceilings. Don’t miss this hit tourist spot while in Luxor!