Sennefer’s tomb is a tomb with significant historic significance that draws tourists. This is a must-see destination for you and your family, whether on vacation or for other reasons, due to its outstanding artistic works, The tomb of Sennefer is one of Luxor’s most renowned tourist attractions among Luxor tours.

The mausoleum of Sennefer should be visited by everyone in your family. Sennefer’s tomb can be situated in Luxor, Egypt. Throughout your trip to Egypt, you will be able to see a variety of historical structures.

Facts Regarding Sennefer’s Tomb

The tomb of Sennefer is located on the west bank of Luxor, Egypt. It is well-known for its paintings and decorations in a place called the Tomb of the Nobles.

All the paintings in the tomb were done by a minimum of two artists. One out of the artists has a low skill. The tomb of Sennefer has a wide, rectangular courtyard, surrounded by a plastered mud rock wall. This rectangular courtyard is known as the funerary chamber. It consists of a passage, pillared inner chamber, and a chamber.

There are up to three statue niches on the east wall of this chamber. The quality of all the paintings in the funerary chamber is higher than other paintings in other chambers in the tomb.

There are a lot of scenes in the tomb that I’m sure you would want to check out with your family. The scenes are based basically on the historical stories of Sennefer.

The superstructure of the tomb of Sennefer has been used since 1905 to keep artifacts from other tombs. The tomb of Sennefer can be accessed by passing through a staircase that has up to 44 rectangular rock steps, which leads you out of the yard opposing the Chapel.

Fascinating Scenes When you Enter Each Chamber in The tomb of Sennefer

The tomb of Sennefer

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  1. On the Western wall, you will see the painting of Priests giving Sennefer offerings, which consist of bread, torches, tissues, and beef foreleg.
  2. On the Eastern wall, you will see a painting that shows the funerary entourage, with bearers offering the equipment of the tomb. The equipment includes a funeral mask, collar, leather sandals, and a blue amulet with the shape of the heart.
  3. On the North-western wall, there are some scenes. The first scene depicts Meryt and Sennefer making offerings to Hathor and Osiris-Unnefer. The second scene has a painting of the funeral procession of Scennefer in which four oxen tow his sarcophagus and was followed by some men carrying the equipment for the funeral. There is another scene portraying the funerary rites of the remains of the body of Sennefer.

There are more than enough historical facts that can be checked out in the tomb of Sennefer. All you need to do is just to make proper preparations. All the fascinating paintings described above can be viewed in the chamber.

Visiting the tomb of Sennefer with your family is safe and it surely won’t cost you much money.