Hurghada is one of the best tourist destinations you can go to in Egypt, where it is one of the most beautiful and famous cities of tourism in Egypt, tourism in Hurghada is one of the most important cities in the Red Sea province, so Hurghada became the capital of the province, Hurghada is located on the Red Sea coast area of ​​about 40 kilometers Meters, with a population of 90 thousand people.

The city of Hurghada is called the capital of magic and beauty, because of the purity of its water, temperate climate, and clean air and the presence of all sports and marine games that attract large numbers of tourists. Today, we are talking about all the tourist attractions in the city. To make it easier for you, dear visitor, to get to know the best places of tourism in Hurghada and to visit and enjoy its beautiful beauty, so let us go there.

The beauty of the city of Hurghada is the presence of coral reefs and colorful fish that adorn the water and the presence of many tourist areas that amaze visitors to its beauty, and can be limited to the places of tourism in Hurghada and that We will learn each in detail in the next lines.

The city of Hurghada has many tourist attractions: the Sand Museum, the Gifton Islands, the Plateau, the Airport Road, El Gouna, Sahl Hasheesh and others.

The Most Important Recreational Places in Hurghada

1- El Gouna

El Gouna

One of the most beautiful resorts in Hurghada, one of the most beautiful resorts in Hurghada, is the beautiful beaches of Zaytouna and Mangrove Beach. On water, windsurfing, windsurfing and scuba diving.

There are large golf courses and spa centers offering excellent services for tourists through warm water and massage sessions. There are also many restaurants and cafés offering services to all tourists and some performing arts. There are 14 hotels, a small private jet airport, and a large, fully equipped hospital.

2- Sahl Hasheesh

Sahl Hasheesh

Sahl Hasheesh is considered one of the best tourist destinations in Hurghada. It contains 6 tourist products of the first class. It depends on the tourism of the rich. It offers all the tourist services. It includes a large snima’i complex beside the wonderful markets. A bridge is built to the sea. Net.

You can enjoy watching the Pharaonic city while doing the underwater scuba diving, and also features the world yacht marina, various sports centers, a horseback riding club, and the largest golf course.

3- Makadi Water World

Makadi Water World

This is one of the most beautiful cities with water games. It contains 50 water games for all age groups. There is a children’s play area and there are a large number of swimming pools, cafés, and restaurants. The city is intended for many children to enjoy water games with their children.

4- Jiftun Island (Nawras Island)

Jiftun Island

The island of Jiftun is one of the most important tourist islands in Hurghada and one of the most important natural seagulls, where there are more than half the species of seagulls in the world, and contains many types of birds and reptiles wonderful. There are plenty of diving spots to go down to, and you can see the wonderful coral reefs you do not need to dive to see. The water is so clear you can see it sitting on the boat, and it has the soft sand that many tourists like.

5- The Island of Magawish

the island of Magawish

It is one of the largest tourist islands in Hurghada, called the Red Sea Commission; because of its water colored fish and attractive of all sizes and shapes, and enjoy the calm and simple waves, and also has some wonderful activities surfing and other.

6- Abu Munqar Island

Abu Munqar Island

Abu Monqar Island is named after its eastern side, which is shaped like a tongue of sand in a zigzag-like shape that resembles a bird’s beak to a large extent. The island is characterized by large numbers of mangrove trees scattered on sandy beaches, and lives with large numbers of dolphins, and includes many types of migratory birds, such as oyster bird and heron.

7- Esplanada Mall

Esplanada Mall

It is a large commercial mall located in the tourist walkway area. It has many cafés, shops, and souvenir shops, and there are a number of famous cafés and restaurants.

8- Senzo Mall

Senzo Mall

A state-of-the-art shopping and tourism center in Hurghada with a wide range of shops selling international brands of clothing and footwear. It also has many restaurants, cafeterias, and large games halls, especially children’s toys and cinemas; Senzo Mall has all the entertainment and shopping facilities.

9- Cleopatra Center

Cleopatra Center

The mall is a multi-story store with shops selling all products, a collection of small bazaars selling gifts and statues of ancient Pharaonic statues. The mall is an expensive shopping center targeting wealthy tourists.

10- Al-Baraka Oil Company

Al-Baraka Oil Company

Al Baraka is located in the tourist area of ​​Al Mamchia. It is a company specialized in selling natural oils to treat a lot of diseases. It sells skin, hair and body care products and is frequented by many tourists because of its reputation and excellent services.

11- The Sand Museum

The Sand Museum

The Sand Museum is considered one of the most important museums in the world. It has wonderful sand sculptures of the most famous figures in ancient and modern times. It was decorated by the most famous international artists of different nationalities from more than one Arab and European country. It contains about 42 statues of world and Egyptian personalities.

Many of the ancient statues were represented by the statues of Queen Cleopatra, Napoleon Bonaparte, Sultan Mohamed El Fateh, statues of the pyramids and the Sphinx. Some modern cartoon characters such as Spiderman and Batman were also carved. The museum was built according to the moderate climate and the sand available in Egypt’s vast desert. Tourists can enjoy their time inside the museum not only with statues, but the museum has some restaurants, children’s clubs, and some restrooms so tourists do not tire and feel comfortable and comfortable.

12- Hurghada Water Museum

Hurghada Water Museum

The Hurghada Water Museum is one of the most beautiful museums in the world. It is one of the most important museums in the Middle East and Africa. The museum contains more than 20 transparent glass basins that reflect underwater marine life. It has a 24-meter waterway Underwater and see the sizes of fish in its natural form and the picturesque coral reefs.

The museum is built into several sections, each with a group of fish of the same type. These sections are the Department of Freshwater Fish, the Department of Saltwater Fish and the Valley Section Whales and the Touch Bond section and other sections, this museum is considered one of the most beautiful museums attracting tourists from all over the world.

13- Mini Egypt Park

Mini Egypt Park

In this museum, you can see all the Egyptian monuments in the form of small sculptures, and it was created so that tourists can know about the tourist attractions in Egypt. In this museum you can see the effects of Egypt from Aswan to Cairo and Alexandria; Aswan and the West Bank crossings that are located in Luxor, Cairo Tower, Bibliotheca Alexandrina and many more.

15- Al-Dahar Mosque

Al-Dahar Mosque

Was built in the seventies of the last century, and this mosque is one of the most beautiful and best mosques in Hurghada; it features two minarets and many of the drawings decorated from the inside, and the external walls are lit in the evening to give him a wonderful view and attractive to tourists.

16- Al-Sakala neighborhood

Al-Sakala neighborhood

Is one of the most famous neighborhoods in Hurghada. It has many hotels, cafes, and shops. It is distinguished by the Sheraton’s parallel beachfront road and is an important destination for tourists. The streets of Al-Sakala neighborhood are full of tourists in the evening.

17- Al Kawthar district

Al Kawthar district

Located in the south of Al-Sakkala neighborhood, Al-Suqqala neighborhood is called the tourist hall. It has a large shopping center (Esplanade Mall). It also houses many shops and bazaars that sell old statues and souvenirs, and there are many villas and chalets built on The newest model has many swimming pools.

Finally, after the end of this brief tour in the city of Hurghada, which is one of the most beautiful and most important tourist cities of Egypt, we recommend all those who think of a tourist trip enjoyable unforgettable to go to Hurghada city of magic and beauty, to enjoy its cleanliness and nature and tranquility and beauty of water and moderate climate and the multiplicity of sites and regions Tourist attractions.

To meet in the next rounds, God willing, and to know other cities closely, we wish you dear visitor happy journey successful.