The city of Taba is one of the tourist cities of Egypt, which overlooks the borders of four countries, which gives it a unique tourist status and also has many tourist attractions in Taba between the beaches with spectacular views, where the turquoise water and mountain ranges and plains spread a beautiful painting.

Pharaoh ‘s Island

Pharaoh ‘s Island

The island of Pharaon is a coral island overlooking the Gulf of Aqaba in the Sinai Peninsula and is one of the most important tourist attractions in Taba.

Pharaoh’s Island is divided into two parts, one of which includes the best diving, diving and sailing sites in the Sinai, and a section of archaeological sites ranging from the Pharaohs to the Ottoman and Seljuk periods, making it the most important destination for tourism in Egypt.

The most important activities can be done on the island of Pharaoh in Taba

  • Participate in a yacht trip from the hotels and resorts in the south of Taba or one of the tourist offices in the province, where you can relax and relax while enjoying the magic of water.
  • Learn the history of the island on the tongue of a local guide familiar with the history of the place with the capture of the finest images of the island and the most important archaeological sites.
  • Take a diving or diving tour to the north of the island, where huge numbers of reefs and coral reefs are formed, most notably the giant Picasso reef at a depth of 24 meters below sea level, as well as colorful fish and rare sea creatures, most notably the tiger fish Picasso.

Visit the citadel of Saladin, one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, where its high towers provide panoramic views of the Egyptian, Saudi, Jordanian and Palestinian borders.

Visit the ruins of the Basilica of the sixth century, a small church dating back to the Byzantine era.

The closest hotels from Pharaoh Island to Taba

Pharaoh Island Hotels – Taba

Hilton Taba Resort & Nelson Village is one of Taba’s best 5-star hotels, 6.3 km from Pharaoh Island.

Summary of Arab Guest Reviews

The place received a very good rating from its visitors, and the highest rating for the site, staff, and comfort came as facilities and internet services got a lower rating.

Tulip Taba Resort & Spa is located in Egypt’s 5-star distinctive hotel, a 20-minute walk from Pharaoh’s Island.

The place got a satisfactory rating from the visitors and the highest rating for the staff, comfort, location.

Castle of Zaman – Taba

Castle of Zaman

Qala Zaman Taba is a medieval castle designed and built on the top of a desert hill in Taba on its border with Nuweiba so that you can enjoy the exclusive beaches of Taba with the beauty of the mountains of Nuweiba Saudi Arabia and a tour of Taba and a unique adventure in one of the most important tourist destinations In Taba.

Top things to do in Qala Zaman Taba

Enjoy panoramic views of the cities of Taba and Nuweiba from the top of the hill where the castle is located in a central location between the two cities, with stunning and spectacular photographs of the sea scenery and the Saudi side mountains in the background.

  • Swimming in artificial swimming pools or pure turquoise sea water and then an exciting diving tour between the treasures and treasures of the depths of the Red Sea of ​​fish, marine creatures and coral reefs unique in their beauty and diversity.
  • Relax calmly on the stunning seashore and rent sunbathing facilities to enjoy the gentle sunshine and charming bronze color.
  • A soft massage session that helps relax and relax the body muscles.
  • Enjoy a documentary about the history of the castle and the city, with its medieval architecture.
  • Have a delicious Bedouin meal of good grills and various local foods, then traditional Bedouin tea and other drinks at the luxury restaurants and cafés of the Citadel.

Zaman Castle Hotels – Taba

Sakratah beach camp is one of the best hotels in Taba, located 11 km from the Aqaba Strait and 25 km from the Club Valley.

Summary of Arab Guest Reviews

The camp received an exceptional rating from the visitor’s thanks to the staff, the location, the favorable prices for the level of service.

Camp Bab El Donia Beach is one of the best hotels in Egypt. It is located 26 km from the borders of Nuweiba Aqaba.

Summary of Arab Guest Reviews

The place got an excellent rating for the staff, the location, the cleanliness, the favorable price for the level of service.

The Grand Taba Museum

The Grand Taba Museum

The Grand Taba Museum is one of the most important tourist attractions in Taba. It is a historical site that attracts all those interested in learning about the history and culture of cities and countries. The huge museum shows the history of the Sinai Peninsula from its inception in the era of the Pharaohs to its modern and contemporary history. Through film material, making it one of the most important tourist destinations in Egypt.

Top things to do in Taba Grand Museum

  • Acquaintance with the history of the ancient Sinai through the ages through 700 artifacts, including 3 halls between pottery vessels, manuscripts and excavations, some of them dating back to the Pharaonic times, with a film-documentary material, access to important historical manuscripts, some of which date to the reign of Commander Salah al-Din during his period of wars Against the Crusaders in Egypt.
  • Watch the shield of the warrior found on a hill facing the Sinai Peninsula during one of the missions, watching the pottery and decorations and mosaic floors, which vary between the Greek era, Roman and Byzantine Byzantine and the Islamic era with multiple times.

Hotels near Taba Grand Museum

Movenpick Hotel

Movenpick Hotel Taba is one of the best 5-star hotels in Taba and is 1.3 km away from the Grand Museum of Taba.

Summary of Arab Guest Reviews

The hotel was very well rated by Arab visitors thanks to location, staff, comfort.

Taba Heights Golf Resort is one of Egypt’s finest 5-star hotels and is 6.5 km from the Grand Museum of Taba.

Summary of Arab Guest Reviews

The hotel got a good rating in both the staff, the location, and the favorable prices for the service level.

The colorful valley in Taba

The colorful valley

One of the most beautiful tourist places in Taba, known as the colorful grove or canyon, is one of the wonders of nature found in the Taba Reserve. It is a maze of colored sand rocks in beautiful colors and reaches a height of about 40 meters.

This valley was named after the shadows and beautiful colors whose walls are covered with sandstone and limestone.

Gulf of Fiord in Taba

Gulf of Fiord

One of the most important tourist attractions in Taba, located 15 kilometers south of the city, is a wonderful diving spot surrounded by a natural bay full of coral reefs. You will enjoy a lot of enjoyment when you see many aspects of beauty and splendor of rare nature, Between the cilia of coral reefs.

Taba Reserve

Taba Reserve

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Taba is a tourist resort with an impressive array of caves and mountain trails that are worth exploring, as well as magnificent valleys. The unique features of this reserve include rare species of animals and nearly 50 different species Of rare birds, and 450 species of plants.

Taba Heights

Taba Heights

One of the most important tourist destinations in Taba, with its view of the Red Sea and its location near the port and the international airport, has made it a first-class entertainment area. Taba Heights contains many resorts, luxury tourist hotels, a diving center, shopping centers, And golf clubs.

Beaches of Taba

Beaches of Taba

One of the most fascinating tourist attractions in Taba is the glamorous collection of this beautiful city, the beaches of Taba, one of the most popular destinations for tourists. It has warm weather for most of the year and is quiet and peaceful. The view is incomparable to its beauty and splendor. With pure turquoise waters, the terrain and the highlands are magnificently filled with splendor and splendor.

Red Sea Water World Taba

Red Sea Water World Taba

In an exciting adventure, enjoy the most exciting tourist spots in Taba, from snorkeling to spectacular coral reefs, the delightful colors of fish, the spectacular skies of Taba, spectacular views and quick watering to enjoy water skiing and windsurfing. Special opportunities for diving training and follow-up of the wonderful underwater world.