The Corniche el Nile or Nile Corniche in Luxor is a quiet city with open streets and the Nile River in front for a fantastic view and a long path for a peaceful walk to take in the city’s sights. There are many tourist hotels in the area, so it may be possible that you will see the city for a while and what it has to offer when booking a Luxor tour. While walking, one can see the view of the felucca, boats along the river,  caleches, or horse-drawn carriages, which would be a great help for those who may not want to walk around the area.

A Pleasant Walk on the Corniche

The splendid scenery is the perfect setting for a casual walk but for those who may want to view other sights, there are many places one could go from there, including the Avenue of Sphinxes. The Avenue of Sphinxes is a grand line leading to Karnak with hundreds of sphinxes lined up to create quite the scene. In place of the typical human heads, the sphinxes are unique in that they have ram heads, and they all hold a small statue of a pharaoh between their paws.

Mummies and Temples

For those interested in the mummies of Egypt, a quick walk away is the Mummification Museum, which has various mummies of both humans and animals on display and multiple tools and items essential to the mummification process. Anyone who wants to know more can talk to the staff. They would be happy to go into detail about the entire mummification process and the various rituals that would have to be done beforehand for everything to go smoothly.

Corniche Luxor

On the opposite end of the Corniche is the Luxar Temple which is also known as ‘the Southern Sanctuary.’ It is made of sandstone with quite a bit of history behind it. The temple was built during the New Kingdom. Later, it was dedicated to the Theban Triad. This triad consisted of Amun, his consort Mut, and their son Khonsu.  The focus of the temple was on the Opet Festival, which was done annually. During this festival, a cult statue of Amun was paraded down the Nile from the nearby Karnak Temple. It was supposed to stay there for a time with his consort Mut to promote the fertility of Amun-Re and the Pharaoh.

However, studies at the temple by the Epigraphic Survey team gave a completely new interpretation of Luxor and its annual festival, concluding that Luxor is the temple dedicated to the cult of the Royal Ka.

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A Relaxing Escape

Of course, if one gets tired of a long day of seeing the sights and gaining new information, then Corniche also has a vast number of restaurants and coffee houses. These are perfect for those who simply want to enjoy a quiet day without walking or who want a taste of the Egyptian cuisine while they wait for their next plan.