It is known that Egypt is the kiss of tourists from all over the world, Egypt is the oldest civilization has a long history recorded by ancient Pharaohs in their hands. It is the cradle of religions and gems that many have sought to possess because of its unique location and inexhaustible resources.

Aswan is one of Egypt’s most important cities; it is a very special tourist center with its attractions and attractions. Tours in Aswan have grown into a tourist destination that can not be missed; warm winter weather attracts European travelers seeking to escape the cold. Their homelands.

The island of plants in Aswan is one of the most beautiful tourist places characteristic of this charming city in southern Egypt.

Aswan is known for its beautiful landscape along the Nile and Nubian culture, which has a strong influence in southern Egypt. After the construction of the controversial High Dam in 1964, nearly 100,000 Nubian people were displaced by the river.

Many of these people now live in and around Aswan, and they either derive from tourism or through the manufacture and sale of traditional Nubian goods or through other cultural performances.

Due to Cairo’s busy speed and the concentration of tourists in Luxor around its numerous Pharaonic landmarks, Aswan offers a more comfortable experience. Although it is Egypt’s smallest tourist city, it also bears the mark of the most relaxed Nubian culture.

Because of the impressive Philae Temple, which is located on the island behind the old Aswan Dam and the famous Abu Simbel Temple, several hours south on the banks of Lake Nasser, ancient Egyptians can not overlook Aswan.

The true beauty of Aswan is crystallized in the beauty of the river and the Nuba, and sailing on the clear blue waters of the Nile to visit one of the island’s villages near the city will certainly be a highlight of any trip.

There is a lot of things to see in this charming city, unlike the island of plants in Aswan, so Aswan is not a place of haste, the river is broad and beautiful there, flowing gently from Lake Nasser around black granite rocks and palm-encrusted islands, colorful Nubian villages reflected on Blue Water.

Suhail, the village of Suhail, north of the old Aswan Dam, as well as many comfortable guest houses offer the opportunity to swim in the river. These are the ideal places to stay for a few days, then tour the Nile and visit Aswan Island.

Island Plants in Aswan

Island Plants in Aswan

Aswan Island is a small oval-shaped island in the Nile in Aswan, less than a kilometer long and less than half a kilometer wide. It is one of the two major islands on the Nile near Aswan, and the other is Elephant Island, the largest island located between the island of plants and the city of Aswan (East Bank). Therefore, it may be difficult to see the island of micro-plants from afar.

History of The Isle of Plants in Aswan

Formerly known as the Island of Plants in Aswan, Kitchener Island was named after Lord Kitchener, who owned it when he served as Consul General in Egypt on September 29, 1911, to June 1914.

Because of the love of the consul of agriculture brought by different plants from all over the world, until the island of plants in Aswan now contain some rare species of plants, and with the help of the Ministry of Irrigation around the small island Kitchener length 750 meters (2,460 feet) to the paradise of exotic trees and beautiful plants Rare.

Most of these plants were from India. The plant island of Aswan was soon acquired by the Egyptian government. It was used as a research station called the Plant Research Institute. It was then named the Aswan Botanic Island and is an ideal place to visit by the Egyptian sailboat.

Access To The island of plants in Aswan

The plant island of Aswan and the gardens can be reached by Flocka, which reach the southeastern side of the island of plants in Aswan. One can see many rare and exotic subtropical species such as the royal palm tree and the palm tree of Sabal.

The gardens there are very popular among locals and tourists, as a place to go in the afternoon away from the noise of the city and in weekend outings.

The Activities of Island of Plants in Aswan

Isle of Plants in Aswan

Take the opportunity and visit Aswan, formerly known as the Gold Land, because it was a great treasure for Nubian kings. Visit Aswan to enjoy its amazing heritage in a day trip where you can visit the (Plant Island of Aswan – Nubian Village).

In the morning, you can go with a guide to visit the Isle of Plants in Aswan which is one of the oldest gardens in the world. They contain lots of rare trees and plants.

The one-hour relaxation trip to the Aswan River is a must for any visitor to this quiet city. When you do not visit the Botanical Garden which contains rare plantations and Elephant Island with the Floccus.

You can enjoy the island of plants in Aswan in the center of the Nile; surrounded by beauty from every corner, it overlooks the western mountain where the tombs of the nobles in the north, the cemetery of Aga Khan in the south and rise 50 meters above the water level and its length extends 1.5 km, and the area of ​​18 acres and has distinctive walkers along The island.

Another activity you can do on the Isle of Plants in Aswan is to identify the types and numbers of plants that are unmatched. Where the island contains about 695 species of rare plants, has been producing seedlings of these rare species and this is a prominent event and important for those interested in rare plants around the world.

Then you can go to the Nubian village where the Nubians live on the banks of the Nile. There you can see crocodiles.

As for Henna fans, Aswan is one of the countries famous for henna, If you want to learn the Nubian language; you can visit the Nubian school and learn Nubian letters. Then you can safely return to your place of residence.