The best way to experience history is to really see and feel it. And that’s exactly what one can do at the amazing Luxor Sound and Light show in Egypt, which dramatically highlights the history of ancient Thebes through a long show that has much the same impact as any Live Musical would. Since the show starts after sunset, the tombs and statues are lit up creating a stunning environment as if the Pharaohs and courtiers will come out at any moment.

History Comes Alive

The show begins with the narration of some of the Pharaohs’ greatest achievements along with graphic and poetic descriptions of the treasures found in the tombs. The visitors are then taken on a walking tour along the avenue of Sphinx into the great court and then the awesome hypostyle hall of the complex as haunting music flows from all directions. At this time some of the Pharaohs seem to come alive in full glory and narrate interesting stories and achievements from their past. This dramatic recreation is the most awesome feature of the show. Their booming voices echo through the whole of the compound letting the visitors glimpse how the court of the ancient Pharaohs must have been thousands of years ago.

As the visitors move on, seemingly ancient voices pick up the narration once again telling about the birth of the Karnak Temple, achievements of different kings, and the power of the ancient god Amun. The history of more than 2000 years of construction and various additions by rulers like Tutankhamun, Ramesses II, Queen Hatshepsut, etc as well as the Greek and Romans is also revealed in fascinating voices.

After an hour or so, the visitors move to the sacred lake for the second half of the show. They are seated on comfortable cushions and can enjoy the view while the narration continues. Overall, the show is beautifully presented and lets the visitor feel a part of the ancient world of Pharaohs while letting them marvel at the differences between the then and the now.

Explore and Visit Luxor Sound and Light Show

Luxor Sound and Light Show

Book Your Tour

There are numerous operators of Luxor tours willing to take you to see the show. All offer pick and drop facilities from your hotel in an air-conditioned car or bus. Tour guides fluent in English and other languages can be hired who will be with you for the whole show. Bottled water is available while a wheelchair can also be provided on request. While the show is suitable for all ages it is prudent to mention that since the show is in the evening, the surrounding darkness and loud, booming voices may frighten younger children.

New Aspects, New Experiences

The sound and light show at Luxor is most certainly worth seeing while taking a trip to Egypt. Advance booking will save a lot of headaches and disappointment. So, grab a light jacket for the cool night, wear flat, comfortable shoes and enjoy a thrilling evening with the great Pharaohs of Egypt.