Egypt is a rich, vibrant country with many things to see and do. However, it’s not without its challenges. there are considerations for Solo Female Travelers before they go to Egypt With the current political climate in it. Here are ten tips for Solo Female Travelers before they go to Egypt that will help them have a fun but safe trip:

What is it like in Egypt right now?


The danger in Egypt for Solo Female Travelers is not a new concern, but it’s heightened in recent months. The Egyptian tourism industry, which was worth $9.4 billion in 2015, took a hit during the Arab Spring in 2011.

Back then, public demonstrations broke out with violence and rioting in many major cities.

Even today, Egypt is considered one of the most dangerous countries in the world.

Unregulated clashes between Egyptians and police in various locations, such as Cairo, Alexandria, and Nasr City in Cairo and the resort city of Hurghada, have claimed the lives of Egyptian citizens in the last few years.

This is especially alarming because these conflicts have no known relationship to the upcoming tourist season.

Be smart about what you wear

Being comfortable, and being safe, are key. Egypt is an extremely hot country and heat exhaustion can take hold very quickly.

Get immunized If you’re traveling in Egypt, make sure you get a vaccination. These can protect you against malaria, yellow fever, and dengue fever.

Consider getting meningitis and polio vaccination too. Be responsible. You should be responsible in any country, but particularly in Egypt.

Don’t act or behave in a way that could offend or have you targeted for a police interaction. Avoid using taxis Drivers in Egypt are unlicensed and dangerous.

Book Local Female Guides

The bold attitude to travel the world on your own is appreciated, but it’s recommended not to stroll alone after sunset in some places.

We recommend partnering with a local female tour guide who can give you insights into rich Egyptian history and make sure that you’re safe at all times!

Transportation Secret


If you’re in two of the largest cities in Egypt, Cairo, and Alexandria, then be sure to take advantage of their public transport. While both boast safe streetcars that are clean and cheap (Cairo), only one boasts a functional metro system which is not only safe but also inexpensive.

The front of the train is reserved for women in Egypt, a country that’s 90% Muslim. You’ll be surrounded by local ladies who are happy to chat with you about their lives and laugh shyly – it’s an amazing experience!

Know Your Territory

It is important to do your research before traveling alone as a woman in Egypt.

You should always look at government websites, travel blogs, forums, and any other places that would help you get information about the country.

Take out some time to learn standard phrases of Arabic so people can tell you are friendly!

Needing a few phrases in Arabic to break the ice, sound more friendly to locals and make friends will not be difficult when following this guide.

Salam or Marhaba”: Hello; ” Ibtihki ingleezi? : Do you speak English?;  ” Jameel”: Beautiful;  “Ismi”: My name is; ” Shukran”: Thank you; “Afwan” -You are welcome (Reply to Shukran).

Doing a little homework beforehand can make all the difference. Egyptians are known for being helpful and friendly, but it is also important to be independent in your travel endeavors while you’re there!

Listen out for overly intrusive locals who insist on guiding you around- not everyone from Egypt is as nice as they seem at first glance.

Dress Conservatively

When traveling to Egypt, it is best not to wear revealing clothing or you may be judged by the locals.

When visiting this highly traditional country, women should avoid wearing hot shorts and strappy tank tops as they will likely draw negative attention from passersby.

Instead of showing skin with your outfit choices, opt for loose-fitting T-shirts that cover upper arms along with long pants and skirts that fall just above or below the knees in length so nothing shows through tight clothes.

Whether you are traveling solo or with someone else, dressing modestly is important when walking through the streets of Egypt.

Since it’s a sign that not only shows your respect for their culture but also cuts negative attention short before any trouble starts up!

So if you’re planning on going to this ancient country anytime soon, make sure to pack light clothes- because no matter how hot and humid Cairo can get during summertime…you don’t want THAT kind of attention.

Be careful when out at night

Night in Egypt

Egypt has a recent history of female tourists being the victims of assaults and harassment in tourist areas of Cairo and other popular areas.

Be especially careful when you’re out at night walking through an unfamiliar city.

Egypt is a large country with several countries in it. Stay in Egypt or at least in the same country to avoid international travel and for safety.

Travel with a buddy While it’s not necessary to travel with a traveling buddy, it is a nice idea, and it can be a big help. It also can be good for business.

It’s one thing to be traveling solo, but it’s another to be doing it while having to deal with carrying two bags and hauling baggage around, or while you have to be around to help explain to a male friend where he can and cannot go.

Don’t go to unsafe areas alone

Argentina, Chile, Nicaragua, Uganda, and Ukraine are countries where women are usually safer than their counterparts in Egypt.

At the same time, such areas are places where you might not feel comfortable going on your own.

Most women tourists experience street harassment while traveling in Egypt, and many of them take a taxi to go to these places with male friends.

But you may not feel comfortable asking them to go with you. If you feel unsafe, you can ask the hotel concierge to recommend an alternative taxi company and to come with you to ensure you are safe.

Do not dress like a tourist I think it’s safe to say that most Egyptian women who travel to touristy places abroad, dressed in typical tourist clothes, think they are quite safe.

Be mindful of your surroundings when you’re on the street

  1. Never walk alone or anywhere you could be a target because of your gender.
  2. Speak up when you see something that concerns you.
  3. Let your hosts know you’re traveling alone, and trust your instincts.
  4. If you are feeling safe, feel free to socialize.
  5. You don’t have to be in a single hostel all the time.
  6. Get out and meet other people in the area.
  7. Find a cafe to sit in, or ask the concierge to recommend a place for you to enjoy a tasty treat.
  8. Get out and meet other people in the area.

Stay aware and stay safe

The advice from the authorities in Egypt should be followed by the tour operators as well.

Personal safety is of the utmost importance when traveling to Egypt. If you’re traveling in Egypt alone, there are designated areas where solo female travelers are asked to stay.

If you’re traveling with a group, then the arrangements are made at a higher level. All travel to Egypt should be done through a reputable tour operator.

There are some physical issues specific to solo female travel. Women may have a more difficult time finding a hotel in Egypt, particularly the 5-star hotels.

Therefore, you may need to stay in a more casual hotel.

Women will have a more difficult time finding a taxi when traveling by car as well.

Public Spaces To Be Aware

Don’t sit in the front seat of taxis, servees or microbuses.

On all public transport, try to sit next to another woman.

Never go to Baladi (local bars) unaccompanied and check out a coffeehouse before sitting down as some are strictly men-only affairs.

Avoid city buses at peak times; they can be prime groping zones during Eid Al Fitr evenings when groups of young men roam the streets harassing women so it’s best not to go outside after dark if you’re in Luxor, Cairo or Alexandria then.”

Make sure there’s someone to meet you when you arrive

Someone to meet

When traveling with a partner, the odds of running into difficulties at the airport are greatly reduced.

However, that’s not the case for Solo Female Travelers. This is one of the best places in the world to be a victim of a crime, and it’s best to be well-protected at all times.

One thing women can do to ensure that there’s someone to meet them when they arrive is to make sure to make an airport security plan.

Let your travel partner know the times when you will be traveling and make sure to arrange a taxi and a hotel in advance.

Never shop alone When shopping for electronics, clothes, jewelry, perfumes, and other items, make sure to never shop alone.

Any shop will have both male and female security guards to ensure that a shop thief doesn’t ruin your holiday.

How To Respond To Annoying Harassment

When in Cairo, try to avoid serious encounters with the harassers.

Try using these words: “haram aleik”(shame on you) or “ayb aleik”(shame on you) or imshi (go away) if you can’t get away from them quickly enough! It’s always better safe than sorry when it comes to these situations especially since Egyptians are more embarrassed by this issue rather than upset about what is happening themselves.

Emergency Numbers

If you have been attacked and need help, counseling, or legal advice then consider contacting the Egyptian women’s rights organizations El Nadeem Center for Victims of Violence and Torture (010-0666-2404; [email protected]) or Nazra for Feminist Studies (010-1191-0917; [email protected]).

Warning About Egypt

International attention was drawn to the high levels of violence against women in Egypt when, after its 2011 revolution, a huge number of assaults and rapes occurred at protests.

Reported cases included sexual assault or rape on foreign female journalists during this four-day protest period alone which resulted in President Morsi’s ousting.

Books And Films For Women Travellers

If you’re looking for a book about solo female travel in Egypt, these two are great!:

“Down The Nile: Alone in a Fisherman’s Skiff” from Rosemary Mahoney

“The Butterfly Mosque” from G Willow Wilson

They both focus on the author’s experience venturing by themselves through different parts of this country.

One is written from an American perspective and one focuses on experiences during the Egyptian revolution but they each provide lots of insight into what it can be like to explore alone as a woman in Cairo or elsewhere throughout Egypt.

For more fiction that takes place within modern-day Egypt check out “Cairo 6,7,8” – which follows three women who all deal with sexual harassment differently while also following their own lives/relationships separate from any sort of violence outside them.


If you are one of the solo female travelers, before visiting Egypt, consider these 10 tips. Not only will they help keep you safe while traveling in this country but also give you some insight into the day-to-day life of an Egyptian woman.

In conclusion, as a solo female traveler to Egypt, you should know that the country is safe for foreign visitors. The culture and people are welcoming and eager to show their generosity to foreigners. If you follow these tips on how to prepare before your trip, then there will be no need to worry about safety or cultural barriers when traveling abroad alone.