Spending the evening at the sound and light show in Philae is one of the nicest experiences you can have in Egypt. The show is set to showcase a multimedia performance on the historic memorial structure as the commentary about the temple will be displayed and narrated. The show will expose you to the historic details of Egypt and the Egyptian Pharaohs will also share the significant stories of their accomplishment and reign. This experience is fun and very educating.

A Brief Information of The Sound and Light Show in Philae

The name Philae according to the Egyptian derivation comes from the word “Pilak” which means “Remote place”. Even though it is an ancient place, it is famous for the beautiful show of sound and light and it is often an unforgettable moment.

Many years ago, temples were built on Philae Island, and the oldest was built during the reign of King Thutmose III. The magical temple is illuminated once again because of the sound and light show.

The show is a brilliant and detailed complementary of the Gods and Goddesses of Egypt. It also gives an account of the king of Egypt Osiris. The temple is so ancient that it has been in existence as famous since the 18th century.

Your heart will flutter on listening to the historic mysteries and secrets of Egypt during your trip to take part in the sound and light show in the Philae temple. The interesting thing about the show is that there are over 10 languages and you will be able to choose your most understood language to be able to enjoy the legacy.

Why you Should Visit The Sound and Light Show?

You should visit Philae and make plans to partake in the sound and light show during your Aswan tour because the show promises to be loaded with historic facts about Egypt. Your vacation should be based on doing things that are remarkable and visiting Philae and attending the show will be worth the while.

Amazingly, during the show, when the commentary is projected, the goddesses and gods of Egypt will seem like Osiris, coming alive before your eyes. They are long gone but live on in history and while their stories are heard, you begin to imagine them as being alive once again.

Imagine being in Egypt and missing out on this show, you will have missed the opportunity to hear, see and feel the real history of Egypt. It feels great to hear about something and also see these things for yourself.  The gods and goddesses would have left a piece of themselves so that you could learn wonderful things about them. Because Philae was born by Osiris and Isis, you can have the chance of visiting the Philae temple and learn many things about the history of Egypt.

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What to Expect?

Expect to spend the evening to the fullest. The sound and light show in Philae is a distance away from Aswan therefore, we will send a representative to pick you up and give you a ride in an air-conditioned vehicle to take part in the light and sound show at the Philae temple. The show will normally last for one hour. Expect a romantic and exciting motorboat cruise, which will be used to transfer you to Philae Temple Island, as soon as you have arrived.

Your tour guide will give you a tour of the Philae temple and share detailed stories of the famous heroes, the god Osiris and goddess Isis. You will behold in amazement as beautiful colors of laser and light shine and overwhelm the temple and creates an elegant view. You will be led into the court where the show will begin. You will hear commentaries about the past legends, The historic recounts of Pharaoh, and stories relating to the ancient temple.

You can also anticipate seeing some significant writings, which have been inscribed for decades, as carvings on the walls of the temple, full of symbolic meanings.

There are also unique artifacts in the Philae temple and you can watch the beautiful floodlit emitting colorful lights as it illuminates the Nile water

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What to Do?

If you are planning this trip in Egypt, make a reservation so that you can have complete access in advance, to attend the Sound and Light Show in Philae temple. You can relax with an English-speaking tour guide, ask questions, and have so much fun during the boat transfers.  When you are at the temple, learn all the historic facts about Egypt.