The Temple of Merenptah is an exceptional temple that consists of some important historical facts that attract tourists. This is one of the places you surely need to visit with your family. It is one of Luxor’s most popular tourist attractions. The Merenptah Temple is a suggested destination that you can visit with your whole family during your tour in Luxor.

About Temple of Merenptah

The temple of Merenptah is located in Luxor city, Egypt. You will also be able to see more historical buildings during your visitation to Egypt.

The temple of Merenptah experience some kinds of destruction decades back, but it has now been renovated to a great extent and is currently among the latest of the temples available for touring on the West Bank at Luxor, Egypt. In partnership with the Supreme Council of Antiquities of Luxor city, Egypt, the SCA conducted the work of renovation.

A modern museum has also been established just next to the complex so that some artifacts discovered during the excavations will be displayed.

The Temple of Merneptah, which is situated beside the Temple of Amenhotep, is built after the Ramesseum.

A tiny museum near the temple doorway explains the design layout and provides details on the treasures unearthed at the location of the temple. Numerous Sphinxes with jackal head statues with their natural color may be found at the eastern part of the Sacred Lake. These, together with slabs of stone, are assumed to have been gotten from the neighboring Temple of Amenhotep.

The Temple of Merenptah

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A number of outstanding reliefs and sculptures have been recovered from the location and are now housed in a permanent storage building. A few of the wall decorations on the exhibition are in remarkably good condition.

The Reconstructions at The Temple

Most of these are also from Amenhotep III’s Temple. The reconstructions at the temple are contentious because, instead of attempting to patch the temple together, they have simply placed the slabs in the place where they were discovered.

The Merenptah Temple has since been turned into a museum and has attracted lots of tourists. I’m sure this temple is a place you can’t wait to visit due to the fact that it has lots of historical facts you will love to check out.

On plinths around the main temple, there are several blocks and wall fragments that are completely preserved, featuring colorful reliefs of Amenhotep III, and also stonework from other structures. For the Temple of Merenptah, most of it has been carved again. Several magnificent pieces of sculpture and architectural remnants, such as a section of a huge limestone sphinx, can be found in the museum’s collections.

The temple of Merenptah and its museum is a short walk from the ticket office around the West Bank, where tickets can be purchased. In the winter, the temple is opened from 6 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Note that taking pictures is not permitted inside the museum. You can also join the league of top tourists by going on a tour of this temple. Visiting this temple will not cost you much money.